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Enter The "Metaverse," With Allmillz Latest Hit

Music has provided an instrumental foundation for Allmillz throughout his life thus far. Having a dream about a world in which he could create music and help others create and contribute to the culture, he holds this mission dear to his heart.

It began with his online show Slow Jamz Sundays, where he highlighted slow tempo hits, hidden gems, and classic R&B and Hip-hop songs that eventually took Allmillz down the avenue of podcasting. The Night Cap became a show where Allmillz invited weekly guest hosts to discuss topics in the music industry, pop culture, and other current events.

From evolving into the Olympus World Media brand, Allmillz has seen many accolades in his career, including winning Best Hip-Hop music video at the 3rd annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards for "Mysterious Vibes."

Now taking our attention to his recently released record, "Metaverse," Allmillz intrigues our curiosity with the lo-fi-inspired instrumentation. Bringing life to a concept that usually floats in a realm of laidback gracefulness, the enticing component of the drum patterns have us engaging in an energy that's a cut above the rest.

Additionally, there's pure beauty in the vocal delivery that Allmillz professes. Buying into each word he performed, it's easy to get washed into the mesmerizing tenors that Allmillz has locked into place. As we scan the intoxicating soundscape for the intricate elements to jump out at us, there's an abundance to take in. Our scan through the masterpiece isn't so much us looking for innovative pieces to latch onto, but these unique traits are grasping onto us as we consume the brilliance before us.

Allmillz does an excellent job at keeping us locked into the rhythmic grooves as we tap into the dynamic portal he introduces in "Metaverse." Taking his artistry to the next level as we eagerly await his next move, a track like this will have us singing along and ready for what's next to come. Take in this textured dimension of musicality for yourself as you listen to "Metaverse" on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Allmillz! We love the entire concept of your track "Metaverse." Was there a particular moment or story that inspired this track?

The song concept was inspired by the discussion that was happening online about whether NFTs and the Metaverse are good for the future or bad. Seeing the back and forth online of people giving their opinions on the topic, it inspired the song and it acknowledges the idea of Web3 but also that no virtual reality will be better than the real thing, a real connection with someone.

We know how specific releases can bring up a sea of feelings within artists. How does it feel to have this particular song out to the public?

The feelings I have about this release are a little nervous but excited at the same time. This is a new sound I am diving into with this single and I am intrigued to see what the response will be and what new fans will gravitate to it.

What do you want "Metaverse" to say about yourself as an artist and individual?

I want this single to showcase that I am not afraid to try something new as an artist. I want to show my versatility and growth as an artist and songwriter. I am willing to experiment and push my sound to places that people wouldn't expect from me.

What has been the best advice you've applied to your music career thus far?

Make the music that you would want to hear. Talk about the topics you would want to hear or that you feel are lacking from the music industry. Most times if you are thinking about it someone else around the world can relate to how you are feeling.

What's next for you?

Continue to release singles, live performances, and events that could push my brand and my music.

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