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Equinox Releases Interstellar Track “Andromeda”

Self-made producer and ambitious artist Equinox comes to us from Denver, Colorado. He specializing in using unique melodies, orchestral samples and vocals. Equinox is intrigued by space and the universe and embraces all aspects of life through the expansive arrangements of music he creates. His music acts as an escape to another dimension. Equinox uses his polished skill-set to take us on a journey through space and time with his killer new track “Andromeda”.

The beginning of this piece starts off soft and calming, it slowly builds to a primal and intoxicating beat. “Andromeda ” has many layers, it’s emotionally awakening and vibrant. Strong synths take you away to a lush atmosphere, while the alluring beat keeps you grounded. Equinox took the beauty that he sees in space and the universe and made into something radiant. He paints a soundscape for his fans, entrancing us further with unexpected twists. We highly recommend listening to “Andromeda” multiple times. The song is so finely-calibrated, your ear will find different layers and sounds every time. What we love most about this song is it doesn’t fall into one category. Yes, it’s amazing EDM but “Andromeda ” is so much more than that, it’s ambient music for embracing the beauty of life and the universe.

Listen to “Andromeda” here and learn more about Equinox below in our exclusive interview.

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Equinox! I am a producer born and raised in Denver Colorado.

Can you go into more detail about why the universe interests you so much?

The universe interests me so much because I’ve always had an interest in Science and why we exist, the universe is so powerful, beautiful, and deadly at the same time. It just blows my mind.

What got you started in producing music?

Well I’ve always been surrounded by music, ever since I was a kid music has soothed me, through junior high school and high school, I was always playing around with instruments on my own, mainly the piano and drums. Whenever I was bored or upset I would just go play the piano because once I started I couldn’t stop, it wasn’t until I graduated high school that one of my friends showed me a program he had to start producing original music.


Tell us more about yourself and your background? What's your creation process like?

I’ve always been the person involved with people, I was involved with sports and activities all of my youth, and music was always a thing I did in my free time. I love going to concerts and hope to be performing more in the future. When I create music, I try to put out the first thing that comes to my head, and not go with what other people like, I honestly just make music I enjoy, I don’t believe in genres, I just believe in writing music and creating art through audio.

What's the inspiration behind Andromeda?

When I wrote this, I wanted it to be huge and impactful, wanted it to take you somewhere and make your imagination go when listening. I wanted to focus on percussion an impactful main lead.

What can we expect next from you?

I currently have a bunch of tracks ready to be released and I am constantly working on more, I also plan to do a couple of live shows next month and this summer!


Connect with Equinox on social media:


Twitter: @officialEQUINOXX


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