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Eradicate Your Self-Doubt Thanks to Alternative-R&B Artist Maia

In a society where individuals place mountains of pressure on themselves, singer and songwriter Maia is here to remind us to have faith.

The blossoming musician has traveled from the UK to Vancouver to spread her messages of faith and belief in something beyond our current circumstances. Inspired by the stories she has experienced on her life journey, Maia projects the idea that although everyone is striving to be better, we are all human and are bound to make mistakes along the way.

As if her inspirationally poetic lyricism isn’t enough to hook her listeners, she boasts her production skills with sultry verses climbing to explosive choruses. Maia refuses to allow one genre to box in her artistry and instead chooses to bridge the gap between genres by blending the best of alternative and R&B music.

Be sure to check out Maia’s most recent single “P4M” if you want a taste of the radiating authenticity that she brings to every song.

Discover more about Maia, here.


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