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Erin McLendon Leaves It All On The Table With Her Latest Ballad, "Tell Me"

If the coined phrase “Girls just wanna have fun” were a person, well, you’d be staring into the eyes of the country’s own up-and-comer Erin McLendon.

A brilliant combination of sweet and bold with a witty edge, her music can be described as a modern country with a twist. As a Nashville veteran, the North Carolina native loves to toe the line of genres, making sure that even though her inspiration may come from all around, her sound is uniquely her own brand of country music.

“Tell Me” is the latest heartfelt single and video combo from Erin McLendon as she lets us into mesmerizing storytelling through her honest lyrical motifs and a pure display of unforgiving passion in her performance. Reflecting on the blue-hued visuals accompanying this ballad, we see how Erin McLendon stays true to her country roots with live instrumentation as she shares the stage with her powerhouse band.

There’s something so profound about the fading transitions as we get ushered into scenes of Erin McLendon performing her heart out and the up close and personal shots we experience as she tiptoes us into her vulnerability and leaves it all on the table with no bells or whistles. You see the hurt and pain behind her eyes as she catapults the words, ‘you should know that all my tears have dried,’ through your speakers, and the band serenades us in rich guitar riffs and prominent drum patterns to complement the vigor that Erin McLendon carves out.

Through a song of heartbreak and moving on, Erin McLendon’s devotion fills our screens as she uses simplicity and elegance to convey her message. Leaving us with the bare essence of who she is as someone growing from the depths of pain, Erin McLendon has us in awe with what she offers in “Tell Me.”

We’re so happy to have you hear chatting about your latest single and video release for “Tell Me.” You embrace such powerful emotions that come across as the most authentic version of your pain. What was it like tapping back into that space to create the visuals? It was actually pretty interesting! I originally wrote this song in 2012 after a really awful breakup, and it's been one of my favorite songs I've written ever since because it did come from such a raw place. Even though what it means to me now is completely different, it could still mean the same thing to someone else that it meant 11 years ago. It's a song about pushing through the loss of a relationship but also the relief of moving on. I wanted to keep it simple so that the emotion of how I feel when I sing "Tell Me" gets portrayed, but also. Hopefully, someone sees themselves in it, too. What can you tell us about the creative process behind the filming of “Tell Me”? What were the vibes like on set, and did it come out exactly how you imagined? Shawn was SO great to work with, and I'm really glad he agreed to do this project. I sent a few reference videos to him, and he ran with it! This is also the first video I've filmed where I'm performing with my band, The HellCats. It was really important to me that they be showcased as well. I wanted there to be an element of a live performance so people could get an idea of what to expect when they do come and see us while also maintaining the vibe of the song.

In terms of vibes on the set, they were great! None of us really take ourselves that seriously, so we all had a blast!

What advice do you have for your listeners going through similar emotions that you convey in “Tell Me”?

You will get through to the finish line, but you're going to feel a lot of feelings before you do. They're all OK, and they're all valid. Just let them happen because, eventually, you do find something (or someone) better. Do your songs often take such a powerful and vulnerable approach, or do you like to throw in lighter themes from time to time?

You know, I try to write a little bit of everything for everyone. Most of my songs have an element of humor in them, but I have a few songs, some released, some not, that are on the more vulnerable side. I always think about how the song is going to sound live and, if sung with a group of my other songs, is it going to put the audience to sleep. I love to perform and make people smile, so I try to keep it as upbeat as I can while remaining honest and authentic with my own experiences.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your musical journey this far? What are you looking forward to achieving this year?

Oh, WOW, what a question. I've done a lot of really cool and really random things. I got to sing with the Grand Ole Opry House Band (which included the legendary Jimmy Capps before he died) on air on WSM for "Live at the Capitol Theater," I got to be a finalist in the inaugural Tennessee Titans Battle of the Bands which earned me a performance at one of their games, I've sung on iconic stages such as the Ryman, Exit/In, The Listening Room and more! I consider myself very lucky in what I've been able to do in my career, and I'm very grateful to the people who helped get me here.

This year, I have big goals for myself. I'm really excited to continue releasing new music and new videos over the next few months that are different from anything I've released before! My goal for this year is just to keep leveling up. Whatever that means, wherever that takes me, I'm excited!

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