Erinn Alissa Expands on Her "Gypsy Soul" in a Soothing Single

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and recording artist Erinn Alissa marches to the beat of her own drum in a new and refreshing single, "Gypsy Soul."

Falling somewhere between Shania Twain twang and Colbie Callai cool, Erinn Alissa is an inspiring country-pop artist who never falls victim to cookie-cutter genres. More recently, Erinn Alissa became a finalist in the American Songwriter Competition and licensed her music for the short film "Evie Rose" created by award-winning filmmaker Elizabeth Blake-Thomas.

Erinn Alissa recently released a vulnerable EP that blends her classically trained voice with her gypsy soul. The lead single, "Gypsy Soul," off the EP, has pitched camp in our hearts while Erinn Alissa pays homage to her inner callings and natural authenticity.

Taking the single for a spin, "Gypsy Soul" tenderly opens with a soothing array of guitars that softly set the song's heartfelt and vulnerable tone. As Erinn Alissa makes her warm and lush vocal appearance, she begins to sing of being a rebel without a cause, howling to the moon in search of the truth. We absolutely adore the serene and chilling feel of this single, as it perfectly allows us to get to know who Erinn Alissa is and what she stands for.

As the song proceeds, Erinn Alissa sings her autobiographical lyrics while remaining extremely confident in who she is, which is all the more refreshing. Erinn Alissa truly leaves us feeling inspired to live our unapologetic lives after listening to such an honest and genuine single.

Allow Erinn Alissa to take you through the life of a woman with a "Gypsy Soul." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms.