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Erinn Alissa Shines in Emotional Single "Over You"

Hitting listeners with classic country sounds from Los Angeles is Erinn Alissa. Inspired by the iconic sounds of artists like Garth Brooks and Emmylou Harris, Erinn Alissa carries classic country vibes with every song she creates. However, Erinn Alissa can bring smooth, cool sounds stimulated by popular pop songs. Recently, Erinn Alissa has released her new single “Over You”. Having another career in acting, Erinn Alissa also created a music video to go along with her new release, in which she stars in. “Over You”, is an emotional piece, depicted well in her music video.

Beginning with a twangy guitar, “Over You” gently introduces itself with a soft atmosphere. Accompanied by a soft beat, Erinn Alissa presents herself with a comforting sound. “Over You”, has a classic country feel, however, her pop-elements ignite and set her apart from being solely country. As for the music video, there is a beautiful scene of a beach, which perfectly reflects the mood of the instrumental. We see Erinn Alissa singing, and having a good time with her love interest. As the song unravels, we start to understand that the video is a flashback of the good times she had with her significant other. “Over you”, is a song about getting over someone who was a big part of your life, and in the video, we can see Erinn Alissa getting over hard times, alongside flashbacks of her past, perfectly reflecting song in an artistic way. “Over You”, is a very emotional piece, accompanied by a beautiful video.

Listen to "Over You" here.



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