Erv100 Draws Our Attention With New Album "Zero To 100"

Virginia has produced many legends in the Hip Hop game like The Clipse, Timberland, and Pharell. Erv 100 is aspiring to become a part of that elite group in the near future. Coming out of Alexandria, VA, Erv 100 has been consistently putting out solid music via his SoundCloud account and several mixtapes on Datpiff over the years. “I started rapping like anybody else, messing around and then one of the homies was like get in the studio,” said Erv when talking about his beginnings in the industry. The DMV rapper draws much inspiration from the West Coast with Ice Cube being among the main artists that inspires his work.

His album titled “Zero To 100” had many vibes we can all chill, have smoke seshes too but the right enough subtle bangers where we can blast on our radios in our cars. The first song to play was “Spotlight”. The laid back and relaxed beat was the supporting base to Erv’s settled flow that sounds as if he’s barely putting in effort because it’s so natural to him! The next song “Cloud 9” starts off with melodic and soulful vocals from a woman’s voice before the beat switches to a more trap-chill beat while ERV continues to deliver his addicting and modified flow. My personal favorite, “Thinkin’ Bout Cha” plays with an even more soulful backtrack and a passionate hook. The rap love bop of the album, ERV 100 spits about a girl who captivated his attention. It was a nice addition to the album and chronologically placed in the album strategically.

“Smellin’ Like Money” starts off with a banging trap beat. Something completely different from the other 3 songs on the album. Erv even switches up his flow but the flow he projects on this single is one of my personal favorites. This is the radio hit I can see people playing in their car. The next song “Authentic” transitions in on the album and he continues that hard-trap beat vibe with something more aggressive and rough. Erv shows he can keep his laid-back personality and still deliver us hard-hitting music. The closing song off the album “Rollin’ Papers” takes you back 3 songs prior to his diluted style and comfortable delivery. It was the perfect ending to remind us who ERV 100 is as an artist and his ability to remain authentic while also showing versatility in music progression.

Listen to Erv 100's new album "Zero To 100" here and connect with him on social media below!