LOS ANGELES, CA ESP EVOLUTION has released a new hit song, entitled ‘THE WITCHES HAMMER’. This duo consisting of music producer and guitarist Overdose and singer and songwriter The Lady Capri, is once again challenging the status quo with their beat pounding and mind provoking song ‘THE WITCHES HAMMER’. It’s a song that confronts society and the establishments control over people and call to action for people to wake, realize what’s happening and take back our rights and our lives.

“We chose to release ‘THE WITCHES HAMMER’ not only because the beat is banging, and the lyrics are forward but because it’s a message that needs to be heard.” – Overdose & The Lady Capri

Stay tuned for more from ESP Evolution, coming soon!

About the Artist: ​Overdose and The Lady Capri, have come together with the sole mission of saving the world from the monotony of manufactured sound! ESP EVOLUTION creates music that will evolve your musical taste buds and make you groove outside the box. Overdose, who has produced for artists such as Tank, Aaliyah, E40, and Fat Joe among others, formed ESP EVOLUTION with The Lady Capri in 2010. Overdose and The Lady Capri now create music together with the sole mission of uniting people through music. Inspired by the phrase the "Mitakuye Oyasin”, which is sacred among the Native American Lakota people and translates to "we are all related", ESP EVOLUTION brings an eclectic hit filled infusion of pop, rock, hip hop, r&b and some reggae to the world.

ESP Evolution has had the pleasure of playing many of LA's top venues like Whisky a Go Go, House of Blues Sunset, House of Blues Anaheim, Molly Malone's and a host of others.

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