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ESQ’s Latest Single “Cement Shoes” Demonstrates Rejection Never Hurt So Good

ESQ is an indie-rock band based in sunny LA, California, spearheaded by singer-songwriter Larry Sager. "Cement Shoes" is his latest single, making a splash just in time for the summer.

Larry Sager was originally from Detroit, MI, but his talents have quickly brought him to the southwest Sunshine State. Finding inspiration through rejection, the highly touted single "Cement Shoes" was released on May 27, 2022, and is available on all streaming platforms.

"Cement Shoes" was inspired by the drummer who was rejected by a punk rock chick he was trying to pursue without reason. The lyrics paint a perfect picture of a girl using him for drugs and money, quickly reminding us how cold this world can be. The song was first recorded at Francis Ford's Zoetrope Studio in San Francisco, California. Written and produced by Larry Sager, mixed by Sylvia Massy.

Larry Sager has brought "Cement Shoes" to life with engaging lyrics and a unique blend between instruments and vocals. The song emphasizes how the girl is clearly wasting his time and leading him on, while the "Cement Shoes" is a simile of dead weight that the girl represents. Oh, how cruel the game of love can be.

The music video directly represents the song, the lyrics matching the video and the story being told. ESQ wanted to create a piece that everyone can relate to, whether you are a guy or girl; we think everyone has shared a similar experience at one point or another. You will find the chorus and flow of the song to be catchy and might just be your next summer road trip hit.

Just in time for summer, stream ESQ's "Cement Shoes" today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ESQ, and congratulations on your latest release, "Cement Shoes." Are all of your songs based on life experiences? If so, how do you choose to pick a particular affair to write a song about?

Generally, my lyrics are based upon my life experience, second - a friend's life experience - and if that doesn't work out - occasionally an imagined experience. . . . The lyrics usually come last for me - though sometimes I've got the first couple of lines or a song title I come up with - and I go from there - putting together the rest of the song. Try to have something that people can relate to in some manner. Personal relationships usually seep in there - whether or not my own. Cement Shoes was based upon a friend's frustration trying to date a woman who wouldn't give him the time of day. I knew her personally, and she was a talented, kind, attractive & industrious, creative person. I guess that doesn't necessarily make for an interesting lyric, so I added the drugs and money part. In real life, she eventually DID date him. And then he dumped her. A temporary tragic ending. It's my Luca Brasi (sleeping with the fishes) touch to the personal relationship: He loves her; she loves somebody else, and that person has no interest. I think everyone has been there.

What would you like your fans to ultimately take from the lyrics and message of the song?

For me - the lyrics are a necessary evil to get the music out there, at the same time, very important. We all face difficulties and frustrations - and hopefully, the lyrics are specific enough to define some issues - yet general enough for people to relate the subject matter to their own lives and interpret them in a meaningful way themselves.

Where does the passion for making music come from? Give us a little background on "ESQ."

Music is the lifeblood. It is always there. Through good times and bad times, quiet or sad. It doesn't leave you; it's always available. It doesn't fail. I heard classical music in the womb and, at age 9, discovered rock'n'roll. It was like: "what is that!!?!" From playing piano at age five and teaching myself the guitar at age 12 - I would pick stuff off recordings - sometimes spending hours at a time in my bedroom trying to play some riffs. I met up with some excellent musicians. We were playing a bunch of cover tunes - and one day, I mentioned - "Hey - I've got a bunch of original tunes that aren't really too bad. Maybe we can put it together in the studio and see where it goes?" Found a few background singers who are amazing and added their touch.... and there you have it: ESQ.

What's next for the band? Are you working on any new music right now?

We have 11 songs completed with 4 EPs planned for release. We are currently in the studio now, completing six more new tunes, and we plan to keep them coming.

What's next for you?

Once we complete our studio sessions - we hope to be playing at a venue near you soon! Studio recording is great. But nothing beats the fun of playing LIVE with a crowd.


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