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Estani Has Us Reflecting In Her Latest Single, "I Sometimes Wish"

Estani Frizzell, affectionately known as Estani, is flourishing in her new home in Austin, Texas, as she continues to maximize all her pursuits as a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach.

Initially based in Los Angeles, she fostered her unique vibe and capacity for effortlessly crafting hits that blend Latin, jazz, and other styles into her soulful productions. With no two tracks being similar and her unique sounds consistent abstraction of hard-hitting feelings that audiences latch onto naturally, this is what makes Estani's music second to none.

Fixated upon the utter glory that her heartrending single, "I Sometimes Wish," embodies, we grasp onto the pure emotion that Estani sends through the sound waves. This protruding ballad has us experiencing the stellar vocal range that Estani emits. She professes heartfelt timbres that wrap you in a blanket of warmth and profoundness.

As she showcases this newfound depth and vulnerability in her creations, we admire the poetic storytelling that lingers in each lyrical motif embedded into our minds. If you listen closely to the passionate wording conveyed, "I Sometimes Wish" has Estani placing her whirlwind of emotions on the table for all to hear. Coping with the unbearable nature of loss and grief, Estani allows us to step into her shoes and see that no time together or time to heal from such separation is ever enough.

After losing five people near and dear to her over the past year, Estani wrote "I Sometimes Wish" to pay tribute and memorialize those who have passed on and joined heaven's precious angels. Using a 90s inspired instrumentation and writing style to express her thoughts and emotion, Estani has us under her mystical spell as we're entranced by her performance in "I Sometimes Wish." With a more stripped-down form of Estani's angelic vocals on display, we can guarantee you'll be left in a pool of your own sentiments as you immerse yourself in this vulnerable message.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Estani! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "I Sometimes Wish." We admire your resilience in pursuing your goals after the heavy year you had. What inspired you to take your art to the next level and step in this vulnerable light?

First of all, thank you for extending the opportunity to have me speak about my new single, I Sometimes Wish. I Sometimes Wish stemmed from the loss of a wonderful and very close friend. The last two years have been nothing short of traumatic for the planet and as a collective. Seeing so many people lose their loved ones to Covid (and just loss in general) and dealing with that pain on a public platform really put me in a helpless headspace at times. I found myself wanting to comfort but not being able to find the words. In essence, I offer condolences, but it never feels like enough. I decided after the death of my friend and her husband to put my feelings into song and hope that somehow the sentiment comes through and maybe, someone will play it when they can't find the right words to express what their feeling, and that this song, I Sometimes Wish, will be the words they need at that moment.

What was it like on the set of "I Sometimes Wish"? What key moments made the filming and releasing process that much more rewarding?

It was beautiful, sad, nostalgic, wonderful, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Small low key moments were really the moments that hit me the hardest. I was very specific with Abis, my videographer for the video, about what I visually wanted. For me, the moment when I'm writing in my journal, and we catch a slo-mo shot of me reaching for it, then writing in it, then looking around as if I'm looking for them to give me answers, really encompassed my emotional catharsis. I was literally crying on set while shooting, which made emoting a nonissue. It was already there. Looking through the footage of Jenni and Steve had the same effect. The first 10-15 seconds of dialogue get me every time. It's such a special private moment between the two and just so poignant and authentic. I still can't watch the beginning scene without feeling every emotion on the spectrum. At the end of the day, seeing all the DM's and emails I've received from people letting me know how this song touched them makes me realize how compelling a song can be for key moments in one's life. This is always the most rewarding part of any song release, and it certainly hits harder with this one.

From the perseverance within yourself, what has kept you motivated through the trials and tribulations, you've gone through?

I've always had this "thing" within myself since I was a little girl regarding trials and tribulations. I couldn't articulate it then, but I knew the harder the trial or tribulation, the harder I would fight against it and fight to come out on top. I love the feeling of knowing "I did it" or "I didn't let that obstacle bring me down ."It's a great victory to be able to have evidence from your life experience that you were able to do what people thought you couldn't, or you were able to overcome those challenges people thought would keep you down. It's probably strange to say, but in a weird way, I subconsciously welcome the trials and tribulations since I know it's another opportunity for me to get through to the other side and be proud that I never give up on myself or those I love. I do all I can to rise up and give the best of myself that I have to give.

What advice do you have for those dealing with similar difficulties? What would you like "I Sometimes Wish" to say to your audience?

The pain of loss never goes away, and yes, while time is a healer, it's not an eraser. You will never forget, you will never "move on," but you will begin to find comfort in the joy that was brought to your life when your loved ones were here. I Sometimes Wish homage to those who have crossed over by offering a memento of what we would've given up for their happiness if we could. The lyrics such as, "I Sometimes wish I were your heart, I'd live for you and ever stop ."Things that were maybe not expressed clearly in life can be now, and they can hear that, feel that, and listen. I thoroughly believe this and know in my heart that the people I've lost in my life are my angels guiding me. They hear us and now know our heart's true intentions.

What's next for you?

I love this question! Well, I'm in the final phase of a new project! I have a children's book coming out on 09/08/22. This will be my first project working with my daughter, and I couldn't be more proud. She is the illustrator of the book. Her illustrations were hand-drawn and are so amazing. I'm in LA right now recording the EP for the book and can't wait to share! Excited for this new chapter! (No pun intended!)


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