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Ethan Sak Radiates Authentic Passion In "Cope"

American singer-songwriter Ethan Sak has been garnering major attention since the release of his debut EP.

Originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and currently based in Los Angeles, the up-and-comer has found himself in the Top 40 on an official Billboard chart, embarked on a US national tour, and has independently broken 2 million streams on Spotify.

Leaping debut EP to debut album, Ethan Sak has taken his artistic talents to the 17 captivating tracks heard on "BLUE." With each single more reminiscent of his raw, genre-defying style than the last, his longing and desire remain consistent in drawing every poignant storyline together.

As we take our attention to the album's lead single, "Cope," we've whisked away into an atmosphere rich in the contrasts that make up Ethan Sak's originality.

Commencing with an unalloyed acoustic introduction slowly ushering you into his vulnerability, Ethan Sak has you drenched in emotion-filled velvety croons portraying a blend of unwavering lyrical motifs.

As the sullen tempo tugs on your heartstrings and directs you into the softer side of his alternative essence, you're instantaneously pulled into the hard-hitting cries that ignite an enigmatic fire within him. Along with the brilliance offered in contrast as such, the production has us stewing in colossal percussion hits, rhythmic synths, and moody pads, which form an electronic envelope in which "Cope" teeters towards.

From the details etched into the instrumentation of this edgy pop record to the downright breathtaking vocal performance delivered by Ethan Sak, "Cope" is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster that we want to embark on time and time again.

Do yourself a favor and feel the peaks and valleys of "Cope." While you're at it, check out Ethan Sak's body of work, "BLUE."

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