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Ethan Sak Weaves A Dark Music Industry Tale On “Monster X Everything”

Beware the pitfalls of modern success.

Ethan Sak has long held a special relationship with music. Having grown up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama (where he jokes that music was even in the drinking water), Sak played piano at five, sang by seven, and made entire songs by himself before finishing primary school.

Regarding music as one of the most intimate and powerful mediums of expression, Sak’s releases are akin to a grand story. His musical stories are driven by words and lyrics and brought to life with melodies that brim with emotion, captivating his listeners and whisking you away to his eclectic soundscapes.

Having released his debut album “BLUE” in the fall of 2022 to critical and general acclaim, Sak has earnestly worked to live up to the high standards he immediately set for himself. He’s spent the past year balancing classes at USC’s highly prestigious Thornton School of Music with the creation of his next artistic foray, the “Monster x Everything” EP. Consisting of two complimenting singles, “Monster” and “Everything,” this riveting EP is accompanied by a two-part music video that adds a visual layer to the powerful story.

Simply put, there is no way to talk about “Monster” without mentioning “Everything.” Sak has painstakingly and brilliantly woven an interconnected narrative that ensures that although each release can survive by itself, its true worth cannot be seen without the other.

The dual release follows what seems to be the innocent journey of a young artist. As he signs a deal with a music executive that sinisterly begins to feel like a pact with the devil, he eventually forsakes his morality and becomes successful. As his fame grows, eventually, he becomes the executive, continuing the cycle. “Monster” and “Everything” are undeniably dark pop releases, but combined with Sak’s soul-baring and emotionally gripping vocals, it's an emotionally striking story that grips you both visually and sonically.\

Ethan Sak’s “Monster x Everything” release is a theatrical, gripping, and ultimately incredibly entertaining release that will have you on the edge of your seat before you realize it. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Monster x Everything,” out now on all majour platforms.

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