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EUGEE Gets Honest and Wise in, "Rectify/Final Conversation"

R&B artist EUGEE has one goal in mind when it comes to the construction of her music: helping others. She writes, refines, and crafts narratives that aim to guide her listeners through all aspects life can bring.

EUGEE packs some much-needed wisdom into her songs, and many of us can benefit as a result of her generosity. With her empowering determination, EUGEE and her music will inevitably go far, and we're left in anticipation to see where her exclusive sound leads to next.

In her latest song, EUGEE has a sensual, smooth, and silky vocal style that remains at the perfect equilibrium throughout the track. "Rectify/Final Conversation" has affection pouring at each and every angle. EUGEE really packed her most quality emotions into this particular single, and you can feel how meaningful each line is to her life.

"Rectify/Final Conversation" travels through the thoughts involved with romantic love, passion, and specifically the hardships that can result from what one thought was love. "Rectify/Final Conversation" is EUGEE's exclamation that she needs to rectify and amend her mistaken decisions.

The song is quite relatable in many regards, as EUGEE takes on a perspective that many could very possibly share with her. Overall, "Rectify/Final Conversation" had sincerity to it, as the lyricism and voice of EUGEE portrayed her heart and mind in a vulnerable way.

Listen to EUGEE's words of wisdom in "Rectify/Final Conversation" on streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, EUGEE. How does it feel to finally release "Rectify/Final Conversation?"

It's exciting and scary at the same time! I had already written "Rectify" in Fall 2019, but I've been working on "Final Conversation" for the past 1 year which is unusual for me. Usually, I'll have a song written within hours, with a maximum time of 1 whole day. But "Final Conversation" was hard because it's such a delicate situation that we've all faced in some capacity at some point in our lives. I tend to be very autobiographical with my songs, and this was one of my most soul-baring ventures yet.

How do you feel that "Rectify/Final Conversation" compares to other single releases you've done? Was there a different theme being portrayed in this single compared to other themes widely used within your songs?

Overall, the theme in all the songs I've released since November 2019 all fall under the same umbrella, and "Rectify/Final Conversation" is just the final piece of the puzzle, hence the "finality" of it all. Now, I will say in terms of structure, this double feature is unique in that it's two songs released together, taking it back to the days of records and cassette tapes where an artist might have an "A-side/B-side" occurring. Storywise, "Rectify" is the first part of the story, and "Final Conversation" is the second part of the story, portraying the end of a very tumultuous situation.

As an artist who focuses on uplifting and encouraging other women, how do you feel "Rectify/Final Conversation" attributes to this aspect?

My previous single, "On My Own," (which I released in January 2021) quite literally was a declaration of being an independent woman adamant about not settling down with just anyone in order to be taken care of. The chorus blatantly states that I got it 'on my own.' Although "Rectify/Final Conversation" leans more toward a story of a romantic relationship failing for various reasons, it also still uplifts and encourages all those who are in difficult relationships that do not bring positive benefits or promote growth--whether that relationship is romantic, familial or occupational--to get out of that position. It demonstrates that it's OK to let go of and move on from situations that no longer serve you, especially if it is affecting your mental health.

Are there any elements to "Rectify/Final Conversation" that you felt allowed the songs to stand out?

Both of these songs show sides of me that may not have been truly showcased in my other singles. I really like that "Rectify" is a track that musically starts off a little bare and builds gradually until the end. And I especially love the haunting feeling during the bridge where I'm chanting "Purify, sanctify, I gotta rectify"; it pays homage to my early background as a choral singer (I was a proud alto-2 throughout high school!) with the harmonies building as it goes along. The final chorus of "Rectify" is where I show some vocal prowess and it helps to convey just how emotional the whole situation is. With "Final Conversation," I'm really proud of my songwriting and storytelling ability. Again at the bridge of the song, I was able to integrate the titles of all the other songs I've released since 2019 that are related to this saga. A lot of my die-hard fans caught that--which is exactly what I wanted!

What's next for you?

With the release of "Rectify/Final Conversation," I feel like I can finally put the entire story to rest--I've said what I had to say regarding that situation. As much as I love to write songs that tug at the heartstring, I also love making upbeat and uplifting songs which is evidenced in my powerful anthem, "On My Own"! I'm super excited to re-tool my old hit songs from my dance-pop era of 2008/2009 and update them with a 2021 sound which I'm currently working on with my producer 'HYPXR'. And of course, I'll continue my work as an Internal Medicine physician focused on preventative health so I can continue to physically help heal people with my hands as well as heal people's souls with my music and voice. I can't wait to share all I have to give with the world!

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