“Europa Tide” An Eclectic Piece By Andrew Nolte

From Corpus Christi,Texas, currently residing in Austin Texas, Andrew Nolte is a professional keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter. His taste and genre of music vasts the whole spectrum of music, this is the same with his musical influences. He has worked on numerous projects since 1997 and performed in Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre piece, “The Bowie project”.

Recently , in June 2018, Andrew was the composer and musical director for Andrea’s show titled, “Locked in”. “Tied to a string” is Nolte’s solo album debut, and Europa Tide is on this album. “Europa Tide” is about a geyser that Andy had seen on the moon. It is definitely a different topic to write about which shows its eclectic origins. It describes a man who is going to the moon and talks about his travel and if Europa tide was worth going to. The song is reminiscent of the eclectic genre of Sean Lennon with its somewhat folky sound and thought provoking lyrics. The song is a story with lots of imagery which helps the listener really get into the time and place. It completely encapsulates the listener for the time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds which is nice to do every once in awhile.”Europa Tide” is the opening track of his album and will make you want more.

Listen to 'Europa Tide' here.

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