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EverGlaze Cuts The Ties In, "Click Bang"

Houston-based rock band and 5-piece EverGlaze seeks a place in rock history and the souls of all music lovers, and they're doing so with hot singles like the latest, "Click Bang."

Brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina initially formed EverGlaze, but after gathering the likes of lead guitarist Sam, bassist Joe C, and vocalist Darcy, the band was complete. Influenced by wide-ranging acts from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, EverGlaze strives to blend vast styles into one cohesive and audibly satisfying sound.

The Houston band just released a steamy and cathartic new single entitled "Click Bang," which throws us into a relationship's demise where someone's unwanted presence is standing in the way of growth. EverGlaze also released an accompanying live performance music video along with the single, which shows us all the energy and passion this versatile band has to offer.

Elaborating on the single itself, "Click Bang," the venture begins with Joe C's plucky and dense bassline that later leads into Robby's warm rhythm guitar, Brandon's light mid-tempo drums, and Sam's wavy lead guitar melodies. As Darcy's charismatic and vibrant vocals pour through our speakers, she begins enlightening us on a relationship's anticipated end and realizing that both parties are better left apart.

As dreary as it may sound, Darcy adds a whole new meaning by channeling this captivating attitude where she can't wait to live a clearer life. All while this is happening, EverGlaze backs her up with their fiery and dynamic instrumentals that give us the true and authentic sounds of modern pop rock.

Hit "Click Bang" on EverGlaze's latest single, and say sayonara to those who no longer serve you. Find "Click Bang" on all streaming platforms.

We're feeling ready to seize the day after listening to your latest single, "Click Bang." What inspired this cathartic and yet empowering song?

"Click Bang" was written after one of our band members had an unwanted run-in with an ex at one of our shows. The situation really aggravated him, and he finally decided to write about it. But in a way that may be more relatable to others. The song's verses narrate or try to narrate her (the ex's and random people that approach you at places with some nighttime intentions) thoughts and assumptions being made while trying to get your attention. The transition to the chorus, and the chorus itself, is pretty much the writers' self-assured proclamation to their ex, "Click Bang You Wish Baby"'.

Who handled the conceptual lyrics for "Click Bang?" Was this song an outlet for you to channel some pent-up emotions?

Brandon, or as he's better known as Panda, wrote the lyrics, and yes, I would say so.

Could you break down how your band split your instrumental creative process for "Click Bang?" What did that look like between the five of you?

Robby (our rhythm guitarist) had a riff in his head that he showed Panda, who just wrote the chorus/1 verse for the song and then showed it to the rest of the guys at practice, and it just flowed from there. In total, I think it only took 1 or 2 practices to really write this song out and nail it all down with instrumentation and all.

Speaking on your live performance video for "Click Bang," what was it like performing at GTS Winter Wonder Rock Fest?

Wellllll, playing the downstairs stage of White Oak Music Hall is a MUST and friggin fun and always a great time! It was a little bit nerve-racking cause it was our first time back on the downstairs stage, but nerves passed and adrenaline set in, and it went really well. But we've worked with GTS plenty of times now, and they tend to honor their word, especially Jay. It's organized from the get-go cause everyone gets the information and has to agree to a, let's say, "contract" or "terms of agreement" before even playing. Even after that, Jay has once not kept his word and has been flexible about rules in agreement as long as the band themselves tell him what's going on. That show itself was friggin crazy, though...from crowd surfing to the moshes and just the overall crowd participation. It definitely landed in the top 3 shows we've ever done in the history of the band.

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