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EverythingOShauN’s Single Is Just as Savory as It Is “Sweet”

Hailing from Toronto, artist/rapper EverythingOShauN drops his track "Sweet" full of energy and rhythm. Influenced by his background of Nigerian and Jamaican descent and the Toronto music scene, it wasn't long before the city came to notice EverythingOShauN and his immense talent. With songs being played at home Raptors games and notable local radio station Flow 93.5, EverythingOShauN came back with a hit to top these tracks, being "Sweet."

Taking this up-beat track by the horns, EverythingOShauN and his producer/brother Xpress aka DJXP, bring a "Sweet" dancehall/hip-hop vibe through exhilarating production and catchy delivery. Giving us a track to let loose and dance to, we can already see why EverythingOShauN has been a staple for Toronto's independent music scene.

Brightly kicking off with striking upbeat production and a kick that blasts through our speakers, "Sweet" is off to quite the energetic start. Establishing the lively atmosphere, we can see why EverythingOShauN released this track at the peak of summer as it exudes warmth and effortlessly induces dancing. Xpress, aka DJXP, has clearly crafted "Sweet" with a broad approach, as he incorporates modern hip-hop elements overtop a stimulating dancehall beat.

EverythingOShauN brings forward concise imagery of wanting someone and loving their energy, while also adding in a few playful remarks. It's evident that EverythingOShauN and Xpress, aka DJKP's brotherhood, has helped them bring cohesive music to the table, and allowing listeners to get down with any vibe they portray. "Sweet" is just a taste of EverythingOShauN's discography, yet it's a savory one.

You can listen to "Sweet" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, EverythingOShauN! We’re loving the up-beat atmosphere you and your brother/producer Xpress aka DJXP have portrayed with “Sweet”. What were you going for in terms of sound and how you wanted listeners to feel?

XP: I wanted to mix a feeling of musicality and a hard beat. Oshaun has always done R&B and melody-driven records, so since the lyrics and the delivery that way was more about cadence and one tone, I wanted the beat to play as the contrary and make up for it.

Speaking on the lyrics within “Sweet”, EverythingOShauN goes deep into passionate lyrics of wanting someone. Was there a specific inspiration behind this track, or was it more of a spur of the moment?

EverythingOShauN : it was basically a song we came up with that paid homage to our Nigerian grandmother who would use the tag line “piam piam” as a sound effect/lingo for us being in “trouble” lol. And as you know, “bad “ is always good, so we used it in a positive way for describing that “passion” lol.

Seeing as EverythingOShauN and Xpress aka DJXP are brothers, how has your sibling dynamic helped the two of you create music? Are there any challenges that present themselves when working with family?

XP:  well in the general role of “producer”, there is a certain level of trust that an artist has to put in that person even if they don’t see the vision right away. Greats always talk about it. During this quarantine, it had been a constant echo with various artists and producers speaking to this and I’ve personally heard more of and it speaks to the collaborative effort between two people coming up with a sound. Anybody can make a beat, but to navigate a vision for a record, that’s harder.

EO: working with my bro, there is always a challenge lol but when you’re working with a family in this sense, there’s more of a connection of understanding in regards to what we are trying to achieve, in the influences sonically or just knowing what I would be looking for production-wise, without too much long talking. This is probably what sets us apart from other artist-producer duos out there. Even if he doesn’t “make the beat” or if it’s collaborations with our boys, 5Piece or SLWJMZ, or whoever, XP will still touch the record and produce in the original sense - this will always make sure I do my best with it. 

We’ve heard that EverythingOShauN has made waves across the Toronto music scene. How does living in Toronto help your music grow, and why do you think so many people in the city resonate with your music?

EO: Toronto’s music identity is as vast as the people that are here. Because the sound here has really taken a more permanent shape with the likes of Drake and Weeknd, those sounds will always be the backbone consciously and subconsciously for a lot of artists. You take that and mix in my Nigerian and Jamaican background which are two musical giants on their own, then the other various pockets like Arabic or Latin, and you will start to see that if done correctly, people of all walks can gravitate to your music because it’s never one dimensional. Since Toronto is a small representation of the world, if your music can capture people here, that will be repeated everywhere else. 

XP: Which is why a lot of music consumed in popular music originates from here, production wise too because our influences help guide the music.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

EO: Music music and more music. By the time you are reading this, I will have released more. The goal is to keep dropping more. More videos are coming, the merch line is coming and all of that can be found


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