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EverythingOShauN Showcases Quick-Witted Lyricism With “Making The Band”

EverythingOShauN is a Canadian hip-hop artist that represents the independent hustle to the fullest. Providing listeners with a unique blend of witty melodies and relentless spirit, he embraces the tantalizing flavors of the island the heartbeat of the motherland and the dark Toronto sound that is often crafted by his go-to producer and brother Xpress aka DJ XP.

EverythingOShauN released a catchy hook we couldn’t help but repeat over and over. “Making The Band” used inspiration from one of the most popular MTV shows created by the man himself, Diddy. This was a super cool way to add a unique lyrical element that will catch people’s attention. Diddy created the tv show “Making The Band” with the purpose of finding talent all over the states to form a girl or boy group. However, in the context of this dope hip-hop record. The band EverythingOShauN is trying to make isn’t a group, but it’s the cash! With nice metaphors and a trailblazing arrangement, EverythingOShauN had an insane delivery with a flow you can’t forget. “Making The Band” is the type of song that people will have stuck in their heads like superglue. The energy is infectious and the hook is completely contagious. Perfect for the summer, “Making The Band” is a charismatic record that can get your party jumping! Have some fun, and live a little!

Check out "Making The Band" here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Hey EverythingOShaun! How would you describe your upbringing and in what ways has it impacted your music?

I grew up in a household with a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father where love & discipline were equally important. My father raised us in music. Dad had a large library of all the music you could think of -this peaked my curiosity and created an interest in music for me. Being brought up that way allowed me and my brother (who is also my producer, Xpress aka DJXP) to pull from all sorts of sounds, ways of doing music, and  cultivated a real deep understanding of music. In a way, that made it natural to create music.  

Rap culture is ever changing! What do you think helps stand you apart from others?

Being able to take from the old stuff that we were raised on, but understanding the new stuff (since we grew up with it) and then making it our vibe. My brother is the producer. Having someone that close to you who understands you and can also introduce you to new things gives me that advantage. I'm not the beat maker but I can tell XP what I want from sounds and ideas in my head and he can make exactly that. I can hum something and he’ll make that into some level goods. 

Who or what would you consider some of your inspirations?

I get a lot of inspiration from my father who is a new published author. His pursuit of his dreams is inspiration to me. I can draw some inspiration from everything dope. All of the greats, the new artists out today and my team - including SLWJMZ (co producer of this song) and 5PiECE (my other go-to producer)

What’s the theme behind “Making The Band”? What motivated you to create this?

Diddy’s success, longevity in the game and influence.

What’s the legacy you hope to leave behind you as an artist EverythingOShauN?

I’d like my legacy to be dope music and never stopping because its not an option! To be an artist who went against all odds, continued building until it worked and found a way to combine all the things that make music catchy, but still be great quality and relatable.


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