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Evocative Hues 'Study In Blue' with 7 Metrix

Emerging artist and producer 7 Metrix hails from the Southside of Chicago delivering quality music that connects him to his audience in an exclusive way. “Study In Blue,” is the most recent project from 7 Metrix and it’s his debut instrumental EP. Containing six songs each dedicated to the color blue, the thought-provoking resonance evokes what the various hues of blue would sound like.

Delving into the journey that serenades you with deep bass and soothing soundscapes, 'Study In Blue,' encourages you to be still as you grasp the concept of mindfulness.

Being a rhythmic escape that pairs enticing drum patterns with almost ethereal vocals buried in the mix to enhance the cerebral wave of cognizance the initial spirits heard grasp the overall appeal of a world where we take in each moment. “Blue,” is the introductory single heard on 'Study In Blue,' and immediately lures you into the vibrancy that the color portrays. With the project honing in on its instrumental quintessence, each song is up for interpretation as you bask in the imagery that is set in your own headspace.

Carrying soul-infused aspects, the sounds divulged lean into the R&B nostalgia that focuses on vocal samples, airy synths, and a timeless feature that has you feeling the passion explored. “So Cold,” is the second track offered up and it invites you to sit with your emotions as you peel into an introspective lens.

In a world where we are urged to fall into the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city landscapes before us, the thought of slowing down scares many individuals out there. “High (The Innerlude),” is a prime example of how 7 Metrix taps into the tranquility that is reflected through our chattering minds in a manner that welcomes the pacifying framework and makes it out to be intriguing for those that are unsure of how to slow down.

“Out of my Mind” simmers in a bass-forward ambiguity that has a surge of passion seeping from your speakers. 7 Metrix has us hanging on the edge of our seats with this standout record as the placement on the tracklist is impeccable. Thriving in an environment of decadent narratives, no words need to be expressed as the musicality speaks for itself.

Recruiting the talents of DgSax on “Never Be the Same,” to produce notes of warmth in the golden saxophone progression, energy surfaces as transferred into this masterpiece. This song plays into two atmospheres as the warmth radiated suggests joy and optimism, but the mystery transmitted through the evolution of resonated synths unravels the anticipation of enigmatic paths weaved in the realm of divine discernment.

Completing the project with the sixth song on 'Study In Blue,' we get a nostalgic wave of reminiscent hues as we voyage through the eras on “Lavell’s Prayer (Miss You Unc).” Tying together any loose elements that may not have been expressed in the shades of blue, we find a tribute is a perfect way to cross off all of the sentiments felt with indigo, cobalt, sapphire, and all the tints in-between. 7 Metrix vouches that the best way to listen to this project is when the lights go out and the peace of the night takes over. Igniting a flame where the blue blaze is the hottest, we’re thrilled to have gone on this therapeutic journey with 7 Metrix.

Listen to 'Study In Blue' here.


Welcome to BuxxMusic, 7 Metrix, and congratulations on the release of your latest instrumental project, “Study In Blue.” We love the sounds that you deliver to us in the various shades visited metaphorically. What inspired you to produce this concept? What inspired me to make this project was the attempt to work with samples in my production. I never really did any work with samples, so this time I felt I should try it out. After that I wanted my sample choices to make sense so I started thinking about concepts different concepts. The concept of self-discovery kept coming to me because I find myself at a transitional point in my life. Then I started thinking about what color would represent not only my lowest moments but my transition into being at peace with my life and where I'm going. That color ended up being my favorite color which was blue. Blue can represent the greatest depressions and the coming of a beautiful day (state of mind). Could you please take us into the creative process of fashioning “Study In Blue?" How long did it take for you to create this body of work? It took me about 4 months to create the project. I wanted to pick the right songs and sample them in a certain way. I wanted the samples to be heard with a lot of reverb causing them to feel meditative and spacious. Also, I didn't just want the samples to stand alone, I wanted to add instrumentation that would also provide ingredients to enrich the meal of sorts; adding parts of myself into it. Each sample had to speak to a specific time in the journey. They needed to provide words that the listener could connect to like a therapy session. Is there a song that resonates with you more than the others explored on “Study In Blue?" Why? The song that resonates with me the most is "Never Be The Same." The lyrics, "I've be confused and in the dark, but now I understand," are very powerful to me. Sometimes in life, we go through so much that we can't make heads or tails of the experience. We become lost in emotion and the depths of the experience to the point we lose sight of who we are. But sometimes that is the point right? There comes a time when in order to become new, the old you have to become unrecognizable and undesirable. The song represents the ups and downs of that journey. The first part of it is the beautiful struggle to love oneself. The sample asks "Why it is," of so many struggles with people and self throughout the verse until the hook reflects the total state of being. The transition and second verse become the turning point of making a decision. Knowing you will never be the same again. Will you choose to become a better human being letting the past go or will you stay in the same confusion. The last part is choosing the peace of understanding and becoming better. You used such an array of samples and we loved what each did to the songs offered up. Could you please share what encouraged you to use each sample for that specific song and what the sample is from? See now you're trying to get me to give up the sauce lol. I will have none of it!!! (joking) The intro track was sampled from Cleo Sol's Sweet Blue. The overall message that I took from the song and parts I used was to encourage the listener to keep going. Keep your head up no matter what you go through. So Cold was sampled from Mary Go Round by Musiq Soulchild. It is one of my favorite tracks from him. I think everyone has dealt with the loss of love and I wanted to capture the feeling of a relationship gone wrong. Especially when a person feels like they've done everything they could. I always wanted to do something with this track and it finally was the time. High was created from the song St. Elmo's fire. I liked the calming, smooth feel of the song. So I decided to use the parts without drums and create something that felt ethereal. When we all finally accept every part of ourselves. We finally let go of what the world wants us to be and become one with who we are. "We get high" is when those parts transcend into "something new." Finally, we develop a passion for self-love that burns like the hottest flame of blue. A love so sharply focused on elevating ourselves as better human beings that we forget all the negative that was. Out of My Mind was sampled from Alicia Key's track, "Feeling You, Feeling Me Interlude." On this track, I really wanted the vibrating bass and lofi Rhodes keys to drive the feeling of cool passion. Creating that intimate moment with someone you love or when you're by yourself thinking about them. Time freezes and everything is at a standstill. It's just you in your mind with soothing thoughts of the one you love. Never Be The Same is sampled from Corrine Bailey Rae's song Like A Star. This is one of my favorite love songs from her. So I wanted to take some parts that reflected the self-love theme I was going for and ask the listener when is the last time you thought to love yourself. Lavell's Prayer was sampled from the Supreme Jubilees' "It'll All Be Over." I liked the calm and hopeful aspect of the song. I wanted to use it as a representation of my uncle's faith and legacy as a man who truly believed in God. He passed away from Covid last year. It was a big blow to my family and myself. But at the end of it, all creating this instrumental brought me hope. What is the main message that you send to your fan base through the music that you create? The message I send is no matter what you are going through you can make it. Difficult times in life come but we determine how it shapes us. I put all of my emotions of the last two years in these 6 tracks to display in music my own journey of self-love and improvement. These are the pains, hopes, and amazing realizations I have come to as I enter the next phase of my life. No matter what, you can always start over to build yourself better and new.



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