Exclusive: A Breathtaking New Single From Sophie Colette

If you ever needed a song to assist you in passing through any indecisive relationship where you’re wondering if it’s even worth it anymore, then you need to tune into Sophie Colette and her new single "Run Around". First, let’s talk about this compelling songwriting that Sophie Colette has composed. From my perspective, I interpreted Sophie is singing about the constant disappointment and let downs from a love interest and their lack of consistency. It’s a common norm in growing up and dealing with different relationships before you find the “right one” Sophie says;

“I finally gave myself the permission to love myself first, and once this happened I saw through all the lip service I was getting, in romantic and even in professional situations,”

“I’d been through enough in relationships to realize I didn’t have to put up with it anymore and compromise myself in any way.”

The act of self love is what’s empowering about this song. I love that "Run Around" has the ability to convey a message that is relatable to anyone that has ever been in love. Alongside the communication between the lyrics and the audience, the hook is addicting. I found myself replaying and singing along with Sophie Colette. That’s very important due to the commercial element. I can hear this song on the radio, as well as just letting go of their day to day routine in their headphones, lying down, and just relaxing and zoning into the music. It’s a song we can add to all our playlists no doubt about it! Check out “Run Around” by Sophie Colette and connect with this emotive artist on her social media!

Listen to Sophie Colette's new single "Run Around". Get a look inside Sophie Colette's music journey with our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview.

Hi Sophie! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi lovelies! I’m Sophie Colette from Brooklyn, New York and I write indie pop music. I started playing the piano at age 4 with my grandfather sitting next to me teaching me Mozart’s “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and other classics. I was pretty addicted to the piano early on. Fast forward to my move to New York City where I joined an indie rock band and played keys and sang all over the city. By day I moonlighted in fashion ateliers for Thakoon and Phillip Lim, and would always be scribbling lyrics in my sketchbooks.  A few years ago I decided to bring the lyrics to life with friend and producer, Ben Rice of Degraw Sound, and since then have gone on a European tour, made a few short films, and landed some soundtracking opportunities and features for New York Fashion Week.

How has living in New York influenced your music career?

I think living in New York City has inherently pushed me to be smarter, faster, and more creative. It fuels ambition, and has shown me that doors of opportunity will open as long as I keep deciding to open them. There are so many gifted musicians and artists at every turn, of all genres, and I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by a community of them who keep me encouraged, inspired, and driven. It also helps that I can see and hear live music most anywhere in the city; some of the greatest musicians I’ve discovered lately wail raw talent from the subway platforms. 

We love your new single "Run Around"! Can you tell us the meaning behind the song? 

Thank you so much! It’s about challenging the integrity of someone’s words in a relationship - are they just talking the talk? I wrote it as a response to all the empty promises and fallouts I was getting from friends, lovers, and even professional colleagues at a time when I needed their support the most. The song is a reality check to understanding that it’s someone’s actions, not words, that carry the weight. I decided to reevaluate my standards of what I would put up with. I knew I deserved more than lip service; we all do.

How has this project been different than what you've done in the past?

This was one of those songs that I wrote in a fury and recorded a week later in the studio with my producer because I had so much conviction behind it. It was one of my favorite records to make because it stretched me sonically and visually. Usually I play the acoustic piano for the majority of the song, but for this one I spent a lot of time in the studio sitting cross-legged, surrounded by vintage keyboards, finding sounds and envisioning myself alone in a damp cavern lit by candlelight.  Every time I looked up, my producer handed me another keyboard. I love everything about the recording process and this time it was just a bit more surreal.

Do you have any upcoming performances? For someone that hasn't seen you perform live - how would you describe your live show?

Yes - I’ll be playing a Jeff Buckley Tribute in November, and a glamglare showcase in December. My live shows include curated background visuals, audience engagement, and a whole lot of sequins.Check out my website for more details and hope to see you!

What has been the highlight of your music career in 2018?

It’s truly been an amazing year with many highlights, but one of them has been playing Degraw Fest 2018 with some of my nearest and dearest musician friends who I deeply respect and admire. It’s always like a family reunion at this festival and we’re all jazzed to play not just for the crowd but for each other. 

What's next for you Sophie?

I’m back in the studio next month to cut another track, and have plans to shoot a music video for “Run Around” with a few shows in between.  I’ll also be collaborating with other artists into 2019 so it’s going to be a really fun ride - stay tuned!

Connect with Sophie Colette on social media:

Website:​ www.sophiecolettemusic.com

Spotify:​ https://open.spotify.com/artist/0wW0NhNDyn9LhKrvdvtAPL

Facebook: ​https://www.facebook.com/sophiecolettemusic/

Instagram:​ https://www.instagram.com/sophiecolettemusic/

SoundCloud:​ https://soundcloud.com/sophiecolettemusic

Twitter:​ https://twitter.com/sophiecolette_