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Exclusive Access: Los Angeles Duo Tigercide Reveal Their Brand New Single "Remedy"

Formed half a decade ago in Los Angeles, Tigercide is comprised of members Shexist and Saint Brendan. The duo creates infectious, melancholic, haunting and dark trip-hop. Their latest release officially out on August 27th, “Remedy” has become a personal BuzzMusic favorite of 2019. "Remedy" is a melancholic and emotional song that’s delivered in a genuine manner with some beautifully capable vocals. The song is thoughtful in a personal yet accessible way, and with this comes the occasional element of poetic reflection that really captures the listeners attention. There are elements of turmoil or mild destruction in some of the lines, the overall feeling “Remedy” presents is passion and a desire to progress. Tigercide presents that mesmerizing trip-hop aura from start to finish and breathy, dreamlike vocals make up the delicate chorus. A powerful track that’s easy to escape within, “Remedy” is a well-written song that feels familiar at first yet increasingly fresh as it progresses. “Remedy” is a moment of reflection and hopefulness, with a great hook. Simplicity is key, but there’s nothing simple about the careful consideration that has crafted “Remedy”. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Listen to Tigercide's new single "Remedy" from the upcoming EP, The Remedy!


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