Exclusive: Anna Kairos Releases New EP "Hosting Time"

Anna Kairos is a Pianist and Singer, who writes songs between a Pop-Noir and acoustic Trip Hop. She tells us about broken relationships, the urge of being free, the difficulties of growing up. Anna intends to pull in her listeners to show them that they are not alone in dealing with real life crisis. She shares her inner feelings and pain with us in a natural and authentic way, showing that anyone might go through these things. Her long expected Debut EP "HOSTING TIME" was released worldwide on the 13th of July 2018.

Anna’s EP starts off with the track “Twilight” which really kicks off the album’s vibe and style of her acoustic, pop sound surrounded by piano melodies. The piano melodies are solid throughout her whole EP and gives it a nice acoustic sound while touching on her Trip Hop accents as well with her vocals and backing tracks. After “Twilight” are three more songs which all have their own stories to tell with haunting vocals delivering the message. She displays her musicality in her melodic instrumentals and the structure of her songs and has a distinctive sound to her which draws the listener in more. As an artist Anna definitely has talent and has a vision to share her talents with others . Her EP leaves you satisfied from start to finish with her intro song “Twilight” to her last track “Last time”. Overall, a wonderful EP and it definitely won’t be the last time you will hear from Anna Kairos! Stream here EP here.

We had the chance to talk to Anna Kairos exclusively about her EP! Check it out below.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

My name is Anna Kairos and I am a composer and singer. Unfortunately I don’t have a big musical career history to share yet, since it is my Debut EP we are talking about, which was released on the 13th of July this year. Before that, I was already doing gigs of course and I did release some of my music on soundcloud, but I would not talk about a career yet. I was experimenting and trying things out - and also meeting interesting people via soundcloud. It was a great experience. This summer I signed with the great Berlin Label „Snowhite Records“ and I am very happy to be part of Snowhite family now. Since my release things are going really well and I got so much beautiful heartfelt support from so many people - I am so thankful for that. I am working on new music right now - so the best is yet to come!

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

Yes, that is an interesting question. Anna is just my normal given name…and Kairos is the name of an ancient greek god, who is the ruler of the right, the crucial moment in time – ruler of the divine moment. That is the most common interpretation of the word. Furthermore the philosopher Pythagoras thought Kairos to be one of the most fundamental laws of the universe. For him the Kairos would piece together the dualistic ways of the entire universe. That is very much in my

spirit. In addition to that meaning, there is another interpretation, which is also very important to me. In Zen philosophy the “Kairos” is in every moment, since they believe in seizing and honoring every moment in time, because it is a gift to us as a human being to be alive and to be able to breath. I am practicing Zen Buddhism and when I had a bad time in my life, meditation

and the inspiration of the Buddhist spirit of Kairos gave me great strength, peace and energy. So my name is as well a reminder for that and has the spirit of a lucky charm to me.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes, I write all the music by myself. I like to sit at my piano and let the music and the words come to me. I don’t “do” a lot really - it is a very intuitive process. In my music mostly my melancholic side comes to light. And sometimes I feel that in my life one heartbreak follows another heartbreak. So that is something I can write about, since I have suffered from it – over again and over again. So that comes through a lot. I am a very sensible person and I get heartbroken quite easily, since I love deeply. That does not work well in a world, which is mainly focused on surfaces and “make

believe”. And I can’t really deal well with rejection - but then who can? You only get quickly over things and beautiful encounters, if you cut yourself emotionally off. And I am not that kind of person, I get attached easily… and I like honesty. So the dating game“ is really confusing for me… I am too serious and old fashioned for that… In my heart I am a person of the 19th century, very much connected to the spirit of Romanticism. I believe in deep love and taking risks – and in suffering for these things. But sometimes I also ask myself how I get myself into these situations I write about!?… but this is another story… What I really hope is, that my songs give people comfort, when they feel

sad and heartbroken… or don’t understand the world anymore. That is how I feel most of the time, so I write about that. I can be as well quite funny and happy, but oddly enough only sad ballads come out of me… but you never know… I am excited what will emerge next… For now I see it as a blessing, since otherwise maybe I would not write any music at all.

We’re really into your EP! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Thank you so much. For the EP "Hosting Time“ I worked with Guy Sternberg - a great producer from Berlin and we decided together which songs would be best for the EP. He is also responsible for the string and woodwind arrangements on the EP, which I love very much. They give the songs a certain something and support the atmosphere really nicely and I am very happy with the work we accomplished together.

Where did the inspiration behind the songs of the EP come from?

It was very much a work in progress. As my process is very intuitive, it mostly comes out, what is a part of my life and my feelings at the time or the time before I go into the studio. Break ups and finding myself again, suffering and finding my selfworth again, asking uncomfortable questions –

all these kinds of topics you find in my music. The emotional deep side is most important to me. I try to create something that shakes people up, something that does not sound familiar, something you have to take time for to dive into. It is not easy listening music. I create music for people, who are

brave enough to feel deep and different.

What’s next for you?

I am working on my album at the moment, on the songs, which are going to be released on my upcoming album. Very soon I will release a single, which is part of my album. It is a song which deals for once not with heartbreak, but more in general with a sad mood and how to be ok, to feel that and then how to get over it. It is a very important song to me. Over the next months I will release another two songs as teaser for the album I will release the title and release date and everything around it very soon. As well I am going to release a video to one of my songs on my EP.

And there is going to be a hardcopy special edition of my EP "Hosting Time“with all the lyrics and some special extras inside, which can be ordered via fb, my label or my website. I will announce all the details very soon. And in 2019 I hope to be touring around Europe a bit and see more cities and audiences. But for the next months my album will be my focus, which I

am super excited about.

Connect with Anna Kairos on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/annakairosmusic Instagram: www.instagram.com/annakairosmusic