Exclusive: Braxton Releases New Single "Red Moon"

Pop Singer Braxton has recently released his new single "Red Moon" along with his debut album "LUMINOUS WAVES" and we can tell that Braxton is on his way to the top! Braxton has that smooth, suave tone to his voice with a perfect blend of resonance, control and range. His single ‘Red Moon’ is a nice pop groove that gives us a throwback feeling of those great pop hits in 2009-2012 which in our opinion, was a strong time in pop culture. Not only is "Red Moon" an all around good song, it has marketable features too it as well, which will make it a great radio hit. We can picture this song playing on the hottest radio stations, clubs, events and even background to popular television shows. Braxton has the star quality, image and music to match his all around superstar package. Although "Red Moon" is a pop hit, we can see Braxton broadening his music style in the furture, mixing and making unique songs that combine both pop and R&B. His voice isn’t standardized to fit into one area of music and that is what makes this artist special. The ladies are sure to go crazy over his high alto voice! An upcoming artist and icon in the making!

Check our our #BuzzMusic exclusive interview with pop singer Braxton.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! Iʼm Braxton. Iʼm a music artist-producer who translates his life through music. When it comes to deep listening, itʼs become one of my greatest assets as Iʼve grown into my career.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

At the age of 16 years old, I told my mom I was going to start homeschooling so I can pursue music full time. I started off turning poems into raps, then I gradually grew more comfortable and started producing, engineer, and singing and rapping my songs. Because of my vast abilities, my talents have taken me through the highs and lows of the music industry, and gratefully, Iʼm here today to be able to share my story through the 11 years of my experiences.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

My mom changed my name several times when I was a kid. She was basically naming me after whoever she was dating... no joke. I was so fed up one day, that I had my mom hire a paralegal to change my name to, Braxton. My earlier stage name was, Braxton Millz, which has now evolved to, BRAXTON.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Music is a very personal thing to me, and so the deeper I dive into myself (i.e. making the beat, creating the melodies and rhythm, and lyrics...) the more I find out I can do, even if itʼs something I couldnʼt do before, such as engineer and producing my own music. My writing style varies based on my approach. In some cases I start with drums. In other cases I sing melodies over a metronome. On other days, I listen to scat tracks of my vocals and just allow the words to come to me. Iʼm very unorthodox!

Weʼre really into your new album! Can you tell us a bit about it?

This is my first album release in 11 years of my career. Iʼve been pulled in so many directions as an artist, song-writer, producer, engineer, creative director, you name it... Iʼve done it all. Finally! I focused all of my attention on my own music for the past 2 years, and fizzled down to a life changing story which Iʼve turned into my album, LUMINOUS WAVES. Essentially this project is about the triumph through

some of the darkest days Iʼve ever faced, and finding the light within myself.

Where did the inspiration behind the album come from?

Last year was a roller coaster, and so I decided to turn my experiences into an album that will go down in history for me. The lessons I experienced were the core inspiration for, LUMINOUS WAVES.

What are three things youʼd love your fans to know about you?

First thing to know about me, is when I use the word “WAVES”, Iʼm talking about electromagnetic energy waves... not surfing waves. My curious mind definitely geeks me out!

Second, Iʼm a very conscious person who takes pride in self-growth and enjoys living life in full flow. If itʼs difficult, itʼll only make you stronger, therefore I fully embrace challenging myself in a wide variety of ways. I donʼt take life too seriously, and that makes it more fun!

Last thing to know about me would be that, time and I are close friends, which makes–making music so much more fun. I truly get lost in time when making music. Fact: If Iʼm making a song, I could go almost 12 hours straight before noticing that Iʼm hungry – even if thereʼs a kitchen just outside of the door, I can easily forget about the reality around me including myself. I become one with the music.

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasnʼt seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance?

My next show is on September 14th, for the release of LUMINOUS WAVES. The music I make tells a story, so I fully embody the story and tell it on stage through singing, or in some cases DJʼing a set that Iʼve created.

Whatʼs next for you?

After LUMINOUS WAVES, I have a collaborative album with Numatik called COSMIC WAVES. Itʼs going to be a spectrum of future trap soul, hip hop, and r&b. Waves. Then in 2019, Iʼll be releasing The Infinite Life, an animated music series on YouTube.

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