Exclusive: Check out Full Bush's New Song "Someone"

From Philadelphia, Full Bush is a four piece new wave post rock/punk band. The band was created when Cassie O’Leary, the group’s bassist had put out a call for a feminist group to come and play together. Answering Cassie’s call, Kate (lead singer/rhythm guitarist) and Adesola (drummer) met at her place. After jamming out in the attic and bonding over similar music taste, Jayne was also added to group which provided them with more depth in their sound. Having come together, the band has opened for Ron Gallo and punk legend Alice Bag. Their self titled album was released in August 15th of 2018 and was recorded by Dave Downham at The Gradwell House in New Jersey.

As the listener we are met with a strong and almost march like bass line finally accompanied by a classic distorted guitar riff. A mix of grunge,punk and heavy rock is mixed into the song from the music from the band. The song has a good groove to it and is heavily led by the rhythm guitar. The vocals and instrumentals greatly complement each other, in which neither of the two outshines - they find a good balance. We hear the cool guitar solo, however some whistling “oos” are inserted as if the vocalist and guitar are having a conversation. This song is full of musicality and talented women so make sure to check out this song and the rest of their album for the full experience.

Listen to Full Bush here.

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