Exclusive: Daryl Smith Is Here With His Latest Release “Behind Blue Eyes”

Daryl Smith is a singer and producer based in Portland, Oregon where he has been building his music career for the past two years. During this time, he has released two EP’s and “Behind Blue Eyes” which is his debut album. Daryl’s love for 80s culture is evident in his album and with this he likes to incorporate a diverse mix of influences such as in his track “She” which involves a range of sound and voices that includes trombones and synthesizers. With his success, Smith hopes to fund humanitarian efforts one day by aiding third world countries and modern day human trafficking. Always aspiring for a better life for him and his family, Daryl has always believed music and music production as a means for his success.

Daryl's single “Behind Blue Eyes” is also the title of his debut album. This track has a more sad and chill vibe to it while incorporating a 80s influence as heard in his other tracks. It starts off with an acoustic guitar and maybe melodic chord progression among piano and electric guitar. His vocals are haunting which is what gives this song a more mysterious and shallow feeling to it. He is able to present what he is feeling and does that through the music production. We get to engulf ourselves in his world for the three minutes and understand what he feeling. We are encompassed in this musical journey of an upbeat synthesized world of Daryl Smith.

Get to know Darryl Smith below!

Hey Daryl! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Daryl Smith, I'm a singer, producer and songwriter currently living in Portland, OR. I make alternative pop music. Id say, when i'm not working on music I love hanging with friends, swimming, long boarding, adventuring downtown, exploring new places, binge watching post apocalyptic shows and movies from the 80s.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

I've always loved music like most musicians do. The way I got started first making music was back in high school, my aunt ( who is a classically trained pianist ) referred me to one of her colleagues that is a vocal coach. So i started going to lessons with him and started performing more at different high school events. After high school I realized that I needed to pursue something, at one point i wanted to be a barber, but then i thought about all the people that would potentially ask for ugly haircuts (lol). After thinking of career options I realized music was the right option to pursue. I started making music with Thomas Prislac, my vocal coach then, turned producer, now more of a mentor but definitely still helps with some production.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

I write, and produce all my own music. Usually how I start a song is with the music first, personally I love the music side more than the singing side..but the funny thing is i don't really want to produce for someone else. It looks like I'm gonna be singing on the song too haha. Not that I don't love singing. After I get a good melody then I get a good drum beat, after 80% of the music, structure and feel is complete I move onto lyrics and recording. I generally have a sense of what mood i'm trying to create in the beginning, but usually i don't know what the song is going to be about at first. I kinda let it unfold as I move along in the process.

Behind Blue Eyes is a fantastic album! Can you tell us about the creation process of the album?

Thank you i'm happy you like my album! I'm making music for the people so i'm glad the people are enjoying it so far. I started working on the album back in June of 2017, right after I released my EP "Thoughts", and was planning to release it in November of that same year. Life happens though and a lot of complications came up. My producer at the time had to take care of more personal things in his life which left me to produce and finish most of the album by myself, so there was a big learning curve which took some time. I think every artist should learn how to produce themselves, not saying they should always be the one producing but at least have some decent knowledge about music production. A lot of artists don't which was a shock to me when I found that out. "Girls like boys" was the hardest song to mix because I had to get it just right. Overall I just chipped away at it and got it done. It takes time when you're a perfectionist. Produced it all in my bedroom, and recorded half in my bedroom and the other half in my producers living room. You don't need a fancy studio to make good music!

Your song Rosa Road has captured our attention! Our favorite from the album. Can you tell us a bit about the song?

Rosa Road is probably the song that has the deepest meaning on the album, other than my song "Lifted" which is about my friend's brother who passed away. Rosa Road i wanna leave some of it up for interpretation and don't want my meaning to effect someone else's meaning. But the gist of the song is about when you're really stressed with life and having a hard time and all you wanna do is go to your happy place, whether that be a memory or a physical location or both. Rosa Road is the street I grew up on and had a lot of good memories, so when I talk about wanting to go there, it's because I'm unhappy and just want things to be at peace and happy again like when I was child growing up.

Where did the inspiration behind Rosa Road come from?

Inspiration for the music of Rosa Road came from two songs, Dogs of war by Blues Saraceno and Wicked Bones by Nick Nolan...and overall the dark country genre. If i wasn't making more pop songs id definitely be making more blues /country/garage type songs. I love the realness, rawness, and sadness of blues. I still might make more songs like that someday, we'll see!

What’s next for Daryl Smith?

I'll be having a music video coming out before the end of the year that has to do with this album, can't disclose which song its for yet, don't wanna jinx it. I plan to put out a couple singles before the end of the year as well so lookout for that! My goal is to play some festivals this time next year. Don't sleep on me! 

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