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Exclusive Interview: Aryah Asla Talks New Music, Shows & More

Hello Aryah Asla, welcome to BuzzMusic! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell our readers about yourself and how you began your career in music?

Hello, Thank you so much for having me! My name is Aryah, I was born and raised in a small town called Erie Pennsylvania. As a child I always felt somewhat “out of place”. Especially growing up in such an unaccepting city. My parents put me and my sister in private school as children too give us a better education but they soon removed us because the bullying from teachers and students became out of hand. Of course, nothing truly changed after putting us in public school, but like most teenagers in high school we slightly found our way(But does anyone really?). Music has always been my saving grace though. Performing ever since I was an in preschool. Later I moved to Los Angeles to go to Musicians Institute so I could really own my talent and grow. While there I trusted the wrong people and let’s just say some not so great things happened to me behind the scenes and in front. But I learned to mimic the great Beyoncé and just put it into my art. I met some really great people in the music industry who gave me advice and that’s why you hear so much honesty in my music. 

Your EP 'Crybaby' was a hit! When do you expect to release another album or EP? Thank you, I plan to release my next project in summer 2020 and the single in the spring.  What would you say is your favorite part about performing live? What is a concert like from you, and when do you plan on performing next? My favorite part about performing live is the connection that I can make with the audience. I tend to be extremely emotional when I perform live, because of how much the words I’ve written mean to me. I’m planning a small show with some really great friends at a small bar like venue called mile wine in Stockton Ca. It’s free and will be extremely personal and raw. I can’t wait!  What is your favorite part about creating music? How do you focus your energy on perfecting the perfect project in the studio? My favorite part is the therapeutic release. After I write a song I feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders as if those feelings and worries have been set free. I never truly focus on making something perfect just honest and raw. I want people to feel what I feel when they hear the project and I think I’ve truly mastered that in my art.  Thank you for talking with us Aryah Asla, it was a pleasure! What can we expect to hear next from you? 

No thank you for this amazing opportunity! Next, you’ll be hearing my lead single “Lowkey” in the spring. I may even release a little surprise before that. So stay tuned! 


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