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Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Rising Canadian Artist T. Thomason

A recent winner of the Canadian TV show CTV's The Launch, T. Thomason recently debuted his single "Hope" and needless to say, we're a huge fan of T. and his latest single!

With four albums, countless festivals, and multiple awards to boot, T. Thomason has become a premier Canadian act with an impressively versatile background and a stacked resume. T. currently resides in Halifax, Canada where he continues to perfect his craft, with upcoming festival performances this spring/summer seasons.

T. Thomason is a perfect example of the breath of fresh air we all need in mainstream music and this without a doubt, just the beginning for him.

We had the opportunity to chat with T. Thomason about what it was like to grow up as a musician in Canada, the experience of being on The Launch and why he's Avril Lavigne's number one fan!

Congratulations on being chosen on Canada's The Launch to record the single 'Hope'. How did you manage to put your own spin on the song?

Thank you so much! I was so fortunate that Scott Borchetta and the original writers of "Hope" were open to me tweaking a couple of the lyrics and re-writing the second verse. I wrote the song as a letter to my younger self and it allowed me to connect very deeply with the song. Every time I sing it I feel like I'm speaking to 14 year old T. and telling him things are going to work out. 

"Hope" is a powerful and uplifting ballad, what is the meaning of the song for you?

There's a line in the song "I will look you in the eyes and I'll apologize for every belief that has kept us hiding" - Even typing it out makes me choke up. That's the spirit of the song, right there. To me, this song is about reclaiming space. It's about reassuring anyone listening that though you may be different, though you may feel unloveable or alone - there is a community for you. There is a community for everyone. There is no need to hide, because the pieces of you that feel shameful or scary or unspeakable - those are the unique, beautiful, and strong things that will indefinitely connect you with "your people". 

"Hope" has garnered over 100,000 streams and has landed on Canadian top 40 charts; what does that feel like?

It's incredible to see the success Hope has had in such a short period of time. I am constantly pinching myself. I feel so lucky, and so thankful. Getting to work with The Launch, Scott Borchetta and Big Machine, and Alex Hope (s/o to an LA local!) was honestly beyond my wildest dreams. 

As an experienced musician with over 10 years preforming, what did you learn from being on CTVs The Launch?

It's hard to start to list the things I learned from the Launch, because there are so many. I think overall, I learned that one of the most important things in this industry to is stay true to yourself and be surrounded by people who help you keep your eyes on your original vision, no matter what crazy circumstances you find yourself in. I was reminded more than ever how this industry is about trust, luck, timing, and gut reactions. It's important to have the perfect mix of all those things to really take the reins on an amazing opportunity. 

On the show you spoke about being trans and your story of how you arrived to where you are today, how does that influence or play into your music?

I feel like the last 4 years have taught me so much about authenticity, patience, and kindness. As a result of all that learning, these days I am making music with people who I have gotten to know extremely well and who have seen me through some rough times and I am more open than ever to new collaborations. I think you can hear that in the new tunes I'm putting out, like the two tracks before Hope; Bliss and Loser. I like to think that this era of music for me is about freedom, exploration, fun, and collaboration, and I hope that's reflected in what I'm releasing and how is resonates with listeners. I hope this new music makes people feel deeply, and dance. 

Growing up in Canada who are your Canadian musical influences?

Oh god. I was a HUGE Avril Lavigne fan back in the day. I'm pretty sure she was the reason I started to think that I wanted to do all this (at age 12 lol). I grew up listening to Avril, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Buck 65, Mary-Margaret O'Hara, Joni Mitchell, Tegan and Sara, and Justin Bieber. It's a little all over the place in terms of genre but as I write those names out I'm so proud they are all Canadian. These days some of my favourite Canadian artists are Shawn Mendes, Ria Mae, Neon Dreams, Ralph, and Chudi Harris.  

You're currently heavy into promoting 'Hope', appearing on many live broadcasts. Are you ever nervous before going on stage for network TV?

Sometimes I get a little jittery, but I feel like it's mostly with adrenaline. I love meeting new people and being in front of crowds. On this run of promo for Hope I have definitely learned how exhausting it can be, so sometimes being tired can turn into a certain kind of nerves, especially on live TV. In general I absolutely love all of it. 

What's next for you throughout 2019?

I am so so pumped to be heading to the UK for showcases at The Great Escape and FOCUS Wales, as well as some other tour dates that are in the works. Otherwise, I've been back in the studio, and booking a bunch of summer festival shows. There may or may not be an album drop in the works ;) It's going to be a great year. 


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