Exclusive Interview: Learning More About J. Messiah

Welcome to BuzzMusic, J. Messiah! We’re fascinated by your genuine storytelling abilities and flow on your single “Fccc”. Could you take us through what inspired J. Messiah to write such an effective song?

I believe it’s effective because I was inspired by my own truth. It’s a reflective account of my past tribulations that contrast my life today. I wanted to speak on that lifestyle with a different approach.

Your track “Fccc” really takes it’s listeners on a journey from start to finish. Can you share what J. Messiah’s creative process was like, and how you went about creating what is now “Fccc”? 

Oddly enough, Lol, I was walking my rescue dogs at a cemetery. I do this because it’s a chance to train with less stimulus around because they’re reactive due to their troubled past. I played this beat and it just spoke to me. I immediately thought of the chorus, which I had started a while ago. I had to reconstruct it, and I was able to pull out these emotions in a better headspace and convey multiple perspectives. 

J. Messiah has an incredibly smooth flow, and creative bars to match! Who are some musical inspirations you have, and how do you think they have impacted you as an artist and what you stand for? 

Hip Hop’s Golden Era most definitely was influential. Nas, BIG, JayZ, Snoop, Scarface & OutKast really define emceeing. They all told stories and gave lessons in their records. There are many more, such as WuTang but I could ramble on & on. I think having all these blueprints & styles makes it easy to represent authenticity.

You have quite the discography, from singles and EP’s to two full-length albums! Do you think your music has grown over time or has remained similar to what you create today? 

I truly can say I am constantly growing. I’ve always stuck to telling my truth, but now I am peeling back the layers and dynamics of my journey. My production taste today has changed and been in an executive, songwriter, a&r, plus mentor role to our younger artist has molded my next chapter. I want to be an example of longevity, consistency, excellence, and execution to everyone.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? 

When I got back from my honeymoon, I told my wife, & my CEO, ( life long friend Daniel Rucker), I am Supreme Focused Jus now. I am gonna release multiple EPs and singles. I’m increasing my output and looking forward to growth all across the board, from audience and fan engagement to industry recognition. J. Messiah & Global Exec Records should be heard. So stay locked in.

Listen to "Fccc" here.