Exclusive Interview: M Dot Brando Talks His Latest Music and More

Hey there M Dot Brando! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We can't stop jamming to your latest release "Banana"! What was the songwriting and production process like for it?

Actually, it was a pretty long process. We were down in LA for the ASCAP Expo in May of 2019 and had some downtime, so we booked a studio to get some work in. Stilla On the Beat created the beat the night before, and I wrote the lyrics in about 20 minutes.  Sometimes it's like that, you just vibe not knowing you're creating something special.  I laid down a couple of hooks and verses, took the session back to the Bay, and did all the tweaking at The Beat Cellar with Stilla.  Got some important input from Lando 1 and after about 2 months, we got it to a final mix that we were all comfortable with.  Got it mastered, strategized a plan for the release, shot a music video, and released the single in February.  The next thing you know, my Spotify numbers were moving.

The is an awesome blend between Latin and modern in this release, what was the inspiration behind it? How did you come to the ideas in the song?

I think being away from home out in LA surrounded by talent was probably the spark that set it off.  Just being able to be in a place in a studio locked in without distractions from the world is sometimes what we (artists) need to create special art.  I love the fact that I'm bilingual and that I can express myself in a way where both English and Spanish speaking individuals can appreciate the style of music that we make at The Beat Cellar.  Latin music is very passionate and sexual in many ways but is always expressed in a way where it's not offensive, but more so a call to action--to get your blood flowing and spirit moving.

How would you say you have progressed as an artist from when your career started? Do you have any goals for the coming year that you are trying to achieve?

In the beginning, I never imagined how far my music could go especially for an independent artist like myself.  I think my progression has come not so much in the art but in the business side of the music industry.  I think the artistic genius each artist has inside comes in waves.  Sometimes we're on, sometimes we're not, but there is always the little voice in your head saying, "What can I do next to get to the next level?"  It's the work ethic that has allowed me to be where I'mat.  I never gave up!  This coming year I hope to reach a million streams on my latest single "Banana".  That would be a dream come true!

Do you have any artists that influence your work? What about them makes them stand out from the crowd for you? How do they influence what you do?

I think J Balvin is definitely an artist that influences me. It's a trip because I had never heard his music until a couple of years ago, I was inspired by the way he can jump from genre to genre and still be himself.  I imagine myself one-day doing features on different genres, but still doing my thing on those tracks...

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect me to continue to push Banana and drop a couple more singles in the summer.  Who knows maybe a Banana remix, maybe a tour...

You can watch the video for "Banana" here.