Exclusive Interview: Music Duo Sarah Jordan and Matt Von Talk Their Explosive New Single "Watch Me"

Welcome, Sarah Jordan and Matt Von! Thanks for chatting with us here on BuzzMusic. Let's get right into talking about your single release, "Watch Me". What would you two say was the ultimate objective creating this particular song?

Picture that moment when two people suddenly see each other for the first time. Remember the feeling of those instant butterflies, the magnetic chemistry, and the feelings of lust that take over in an emotional whirlwind. From across a busy room, as the dance-floor is packed with sweaty bodies colliding against one another, time stops. The connection that these two people feel is beyond doubt. It’s like every other single person in the room doesn’t exist because there’s a magnetic pull that becomes the driving force of this romantic spark. The music takes over, and that song that the DJ plays in that very moment becomes “your song.” We wanted this song to encapsulate romance, seduction, and infatuation. We wrote it with a fun nature in mind, and we truly think that it is one of those songs that will be favorite on the dancefloor.

The two of you bring a beautifully coordinated sound, which lures in listeners even further once the storyline of the song comes to light. How would you describe the intended theme and overall story of "Watch Me"?

“Watch Me” is the song that will be playing while you try to impress that other person that you find yourself having a sudden, fast interest in. This feeling is intriguing and the exploration of these feelings is how “Watch Me” was written. It intends to help you feel passionate and that deep chemistry for another person, that sometimes, we push away. We wanted to write a song about that untold emotion where no words are needed. Just express what you feel through dance and rhythm. Expose your fantasies using sexy bold confidence while you dance, to win that person over with the language of music. “Watch Me” is the soundtrack that will accompany the explosive start to what will hopefully be a new budding romance.

As a duo, you consistently bring hypnotizing sounds for listeners to get lost in. How do you go about choosing the production to match what it is each song has to say to listeners? How did this process execute itself for "Watch Me", specifically?

Thank you for saying so! When we are in the studio, we come in with a vision, but usually, that vision for the song is quite bare and authentic because we write our songs with just piano or an acoustic guitar. So even while writing the song, we find the need to write in a way that blossoms over top of simple accompaniment. With the strong relationship that we have with our producer, we collaborate and bounce ideas off of one another, and then we talk about how we hear this song being executed in terms of production. We record a demo version first and we build around the lyric. We create a story-line and a theme that needs to be consistent that musically repeats throughout. We truly believe that our musical vision needs to be understood and brought to life between each and every songwriter, as well as the producer. This teamwork is essential in creating the vibe that we heard for this song! Right off the bat, we knew that we wanted this song to be pop-oriented, with a soft Latin reggaeton beat to bring the sultriness of the lyric to life.

We're excited to see what it is you two will come out with next, especially once considering your extensive track record in the music industry thus far! Where are Sarah Jordan and Matt Von headed off to next with their music, collectively?

Again, we appreciate the kind words! 2019 and the start of 2020 has been magical, a dream come true! Meeting our manager, trusting the process and building our brand has been a lot of work, but so meaningful to continuing to build our musical library!! Our first 3 songs truly define us as artists. Great Escape, L.O.V.E, and now Watch Me are definitive songs of the storytelling kind of artists we aspire to be every day. We continue to work on songwriting every day and we believe that our goal is to create new songs that represent our passion, zest for life, and connection as a brother-sister duo. Stay tuned for at least 2 new tunes by the end of this year! Because all of the songs that we have released so far have been uptempo pop dance hits, we think we are going to switch it up and surprise our fans!! We might drop an emotional ballad, so we are looking forward to showing a new side of ourselves, lyrically and musically. We are also looking forward to working with some big names in LA and also possibly doing a University Tour throughout Canada near the end of the year. Only big things to come!

Listen to "Watch Me", here.