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rthm&flo Talk About Their Exciting And Unique Sound In "Hurricane"

Welcome to BuzzMusic rthm&flo! What a vibe you created in "Hurricane"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like? How did the background instrumental part come to life? Thank you! The idea came to be after finding the main synth sound. It had a very nostalgic feel to it that inspired the rest of the instruments and the lyrics as well. For most of our music, we both work together to create a full instrumental. Then Charlie will write the lyrics and we will both edit the song as a whole. For Hurricane specifically, the instrumental was based around the main synth and the guitar chord progression in the middle of the song. The bass and drums were meant to be simplistic and for support of the rest of the instruments. The lyric writing process for Hurricane was very much fluid. The emotion Charlie felt was very much a nostalgic feeling mixed with uncertainty and a touch of melancholy. It reminded him of his time as a child, and how his experience of Hurricane Katrina represented times of chaos and uncertainty. The lyrics are an embodiment of those emotions in the present.  It's always great to have a partner to have when creating new music, what is the process like for you two? What happens if there's a disagreement? Any Rock Paper Scissors to settle disagreements? There are definitely days when we don't agree on things. I think we try to not let our pride get in the way of the music. We can both come up with an infinite number of ideas, so why fight over one? If we feel it getting too tense, we will save the idea and just work on something else that we can agree on, but most of the time we find a middle ground. Within "Hurricane" is an interesting mellotron line that goes on throughout the song, how did that line come to be? Did you get the chance to record a real mellotron? No, we wish! We have a very humble setup and make most of our sounds digitally unless we're playing guitar or bass guitar. It was a sound called Strawberry Flutes on Analog Lab 4, a plugin that comes with the Arturia MiniLab MKII keyboard. We stumbled upon it and immediately fell in love. Vinnie played the main chord progression with it and Charlie used the same sound to create a melody for the chorus that just spoke to our soul as a group. The sound of rthm&flo is very unique, what is the inspiration for that sound? Is that something that came naturally or has the music evolved to what it is now?

It is something that has come very naturally from the blending of our two styles. We never sat down and decided what kind of music to make, we kind of just kept making songs until our sound naturally became somewhat consistent. 

What can we expect to see from rthm&flo throughout 2020?

Lots of new music. No album just yet, but we have had conversations about getting one started. We're working on setting up an online store for some new merch too. Gonna be recording a lot more live footage as well, either at shows or at home, to get a closer look at our process. That is all we can say for certain now! 


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