Exclusive Interview: Singer-Songwriter MEÏA Talks Upcoming Album & More

Welcome back MEÏA! It wasn’t long since we’ve last featured your music! How do you stay on track to create relevant content so consistently?

Well, I've went through hard times in my life as everybody has at a certain point and sometimes there are things you can't change. Although I have always had the profound certainty that being committed to your own path will sooner or later will get you back on track again.

I'm always recording moments in my mind, emotions that later will become part of my music. I think that an artistic path has not only to do with how skilled you are but what your attitude is in front of your life and others.

What can you tell us about your much anticipated new album? Do you have an official release date?

It's going slowly. I'm writing for a performance right now. We will also be fundraising for my upcoming album!

When all of this finishes I will be able to let you know the exact dates. 

Tell us more about the lyrics in your award-winning song "Be Gentle My Love". Which line in this song do you believe hold the most impact for the listener?

"Our wounds are here to free us" 

Through some years I've being doing Jungian therapy to get to know myself better and through this work of acknowledgment, I've realized that the deeper you look at your wounds the sooner they heal. To evade or to turn your eyes to the other side is never going to work. 

When we are in love we are more vulnerable and open. But this offers us a chance to heal our wounds. Because someone is looking at us as a whole, seeing our essence beyond the prejudices we all have to face in our society and in our daily life that fragment our identities on behalf of utilitarism. We all deserve to be treated with dignity and love. In my song I was trying to connect romantic love with a deeper, trascendent love. 

You've been recognized many times all over the US with awards for your incredible songs. Which award was the most meaningful to you? Why?

"Best Piece Of Music" by Aphrodite Film Awards for "Be Gentle my love". 

Because it made me to come to NYC and when I was having some hard times, this was a gift for me. I believe in my art and in my music but these recognitions make your faith grow stronger. 

Can you tell us more about your ongoing fundraising campaign?

In October we're going to start a fundraising for my new album-performance. It's going to be an Indiegogo campaign. 

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

It's difficult to choose one, maybe I would choose the first one! I was hired for a character role at a theatre when I was 23. With that opportunity, I started my artistic professional career. 

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