Exclusive Interview: The Jemini Creates His New Sound in "I Deserve It All"

Welcome, The Jemini! Congrats on releasing "I Deserve It All", the last track that your EP "2036" sees. How would you describe the difference between "I Deserve It All" compared to the other four tracks from the EP?

I Deserve It All Sums Up The Whole E.P In My Opinion, Because Through The Whole Project You Start Seeing The Painting Clearer and Clearer, Through Each Song, The Biggest Difference Is The Sound To Me Which This Song Actually Helped create My New Sound That I Will Be Using On My Upcoming E.P projected to drop in June this year.

"I Deserve It All" has an undeniable flow accompanied by soft buzzing energy. How do you typically go about choosing the production style for your tracks, and ensuring that it matches what you have to share with listeners lyrically?

Every Time I Am Sent A Instrumental From My Variety Of Producers I Work With, I Listen To It and If I Feel It, I Will Start Writing and Pretty Much Speaking Back To The Sounds or Melodies On The Actual Song Itself It’s A Amazing Process To Me Because I Love Music In General.

We know that you're an artist who likes to look on the positive side, especially with the latest music you've been releasing! Can you explain to our readers the integral message you attempted to get across with "2036", and specifically your track "I Deserve It All"?

It Shows My Overall Goal To Get More and More People In Tuned With Reality In Their Own Ways, Continue To Grow Through Positivity And TeamWork The Message is Everyone Has Struggles Just Different Levels And No One Can Change That But Ourselves. Never Give Up No Matter The Obstacle You Will Make It Through Just Trust Your Process And Do Better Every Day.

You recently re-integrated into the music community in early 2019. What compelled you to take a break from the music scene, and how do you feel differently as an artist now, compared to past years when you were creating music?

I Was Going Through A Dark Spot In My Life And Didn’t Really Have The Right Mindset To Create The Unity I’m After Right Now, family deaths, fraudulent friends and many stressful situations surrounded me. I allowed myself time to heal and decided to make music instead of wanting to be a “rapper” “ up next”, I continued perfecting my craft and focusing on the sounds before releasing, I Am My Own Studio Every Song I Do the mixing and mastering.

What can we expect to see from The Jemini throughout 2020?

A LOT OF MUSIC AND VISUALS !!!! LET'S JUST SAY I HAVE TWO HARD DRIVES FULL OF Unreleased Music And 20 Of Them are being released June 2nd, 2020.

Listen to The Jemini here.