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Exclusive Interview With Artist Voiyce on His New Music!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Voiyce! How did moving from Texarkana, Texas to Los Angeles, California develop who you are as an artist? How do the music scenes compare to one another? 

I could definitely say that the move had an impact on my development as an artist. It's like when I came to this environment it put me on a whole different level than I was in my hometown. I have gained so many fans since I've been here it's a blessing. The music scene here is very welcoming and supportive. The music scene in my hometown is full of great music artists men and women, I think the only difference is the location. I'm from a small town and LA area is gigantic so there are more opportunities out here I think that's the only difference.

You've quickly gained an impressive catalog and fan base. With over 700k streams and close to 15k monthly Spotify listeners, what has been the biggest challenged you've faced while building your musical career?

The biggest challenge I would say was to get my fanbase up and streams up on streaming platforms. It took a lot of hard work and consistency to build what I have now and to reach that number. Staying on it and never giving up is key, oh yea and investing in yourself is very crucial as well.

You've accomplished so many impressive feats including opening for Chief Keef, Jim Jones, and Too $hort. What was the most memorable moment from these experiences? 

Lol, I would probably say Too $hort was one of the most memorable shows I've had. The crowd was hyped and very supportive not to mention the venue treated me like royalty it was an amazing experience. Also the groupies, yes the groupies or women fans of your technical lol. 

What can you tell us about your independent record label Rayne Records? 

Rayne Records is a powerhouse independent label that houses me and a few other phenomenal artists. I've been with Rayne about two years and I'm releasing my debut album "EVO" with Rayne Records. It's a great label to work with and get support from. We are more like a family than anything and that's what they build their foundation on. We are all close and support each other's crafts and genres. It's an amazing label to be a part of and I cant wait to see what the future holds.

It was such a pleasure to talk to you about your music and achievements and share it with our BuzzMusic readers! Can you shed some light on your much-anticipated upcoming album "EVO"? What's the official release date for this project?

There is no official release date right now for my highly anticipated album "EVO" but I can guarantee you when it drops firefighters are going to have their work cut out for them because all the fire that's going to be on there lol. This is one of my best projects yet to date and it's going to be a classic.


Listen to the soundings of Voiyce here, and don't miss out on any upcoming releases & shows by checking out Voiyce's socials below!


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