Exclusive Interview With Jenez About His Hit Single "Judo"

What’s up Jenez! In what ways has your background and upbringing impacted your style of music?

A: I would say that both of those have impacted the way I view music. I grew up in an area with it’s own vibrant music scene and distinct sound and, even though I don’t specifically adhere to the Bay Area sound of rap, it gave me a love for where I’m from and taught me what it can take to stand out. In addition, the music my parents would play when I was young varied greatly which gave me an introduction to all styles of music. 

You’re a strong lyricist! How would you detail your songwriting approach if you don’t mind sharing?

A: I think songwriting is an interesting thing because of it’s variability. Sometimes the words, melodies, and flows just come pouring out and you feel strongly about a song in a few hours (which is what happened in this case). Depending on how the songwriting process is going, I can, for example, freestyle to myself and write down the best lines that fit my theme, sit or listen to a beat for hours and take a long time for every line. 

Hip-hop undergoes various changes throughout the years. What’s your take on the current state of hip-hop?

A: I think that hip-hop and rap are at such an interesting point. I think that there is a lot of complication because of the over-saturation as rap became the most popular genre in the United States but, I also love the variety that has come out of that. Without this huge influx of music, we wouldn’t have artists like Tyler the Creator who has such a special and distinct sound as he incorporates jazz and synths whole flexes his production and songwriting chops. We wouldn’t have songs like Old Town Road breaking genre barriers. We wouldn’t have rappers like Playboi Carti who are playing around with the english language to the point where people can’t understand. All of these things are happening at the same time in hip-hop which is absolutely wild to me. I love it.

In what ways does “Judo” represent you as an artist?

A: I would say Judo shows my love of songwriting and production as well as a distinct sound that anybody who knows me, and will know me, will realize. I had a great time writing that song and so much fun shooting the music video. It was a moment of pushing past the anxiety that had plagued me about changing my artist name and releasing music in general.

What’s next for you Jenez?

A: More and more and more music in all capacities. I’m going to be working on an album this summer in addition to many standalone tracks as well. Be on the lookout. It’s time to take over the world. 

Listen to Jenez' track "Judo" here!

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