Exclusive Interview With Ponte Pilas

Bring back rock and roll! Check out our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview with Ponte Pilas and find out why they're the next band you need to watch out for! Be sure to listen to their new song here.

Want to give a quick introduction on your band and the message you guys want to deliver to your fans?

We are three young ‘perros’ from Ecuador, one from Scotland brought together by fate in order to make great rock ’n’ roll music for the world. And we’re here for a good time. Remember the name.

How do you guys think the glory days of guitar music heavily influenced your sound?

Each of us grew up listening to the glory days of guitar, it shaped the way we look at music, experience music. There is few things more fun you can do with your clothes on (or clothes off) than go to a rock concert, to feel the energy and the power of the music and the people. If we weren’t on stage then we would be in the front row. Our sound is definitely influenced by that, by the energy and atmosphere created by the great guitar bands of the past.

Do you think it’s necessary for current rock bands to educate themselves on the birth/re-birth of Rock n Roll?

To some extent yes. Great new bands in the UK like Yak, the Fat White Family as well as in the US are part of a new wave that's creating something dangerous, original and exciting. You can’t play without knowing the origins but its important not to get too nostalgic. We love that people are coming out and discovering what rock ‘n’ roll could be before it got lost somewhere and Jack White started selling Coke.

What does rock music mean to you guys? How does it make you guys feel?

It’s like an untamed dog that drags you to some dark places. Nick Cave called it the asshole of culture and we can live with that. When we play a show and see the ecstasy and the fucking wild party that it is and we know we couldn’t be doing anything else. Its cathartic, sexy and definitely sweaty.

You guys are a rising name in the Berlin scene! What is the long-term goal? 

Yeah and we are very happy about that. It’s been a very exciting and chaotic one and a half years playing everywhere in Berlin. Our ultimate goal is musical glory. We want to be playing stadiums in the future and make rock ‘n’ roll music infectious again. We don’t wish to be nostalgic and only emulate the peak days of guitar music, we rather want to be drivers of a new popular age of it. “New” tends to be more surprising and entertaining, so we are heading in that direction.

What do you think may be the one negative interpretation people may have on Rock music and why?

Maybe the fact that the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is wilder than that of other music genres, certainly wilder than acoustic pop. I guess that the stereotypical image of the rock ‘n’ roll environment involves drugs, perdition and excesses and that has really stuck on society. But as old Bill Blake said, “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”.

What's next for Ponte Pilas?

Reggeaton covers. No, God forbid. We have two more single releases planned until February 2019. These will have release concerts like the one we just had with “Out Of My Head” and we hope that this will catapult us straight onto the European festival circuit next year.

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