Exclusive: Jase Lansky, “Drunk Every Sunday” The Next Hit Country Song

Jase Lansky, an independent rock country singer songwriter from Australia. Lansky has toured around the world including Bali to Nashville, Tennessee. Jase’s love and passion for country music arose when he visited the United States and visited the South. From then on, the South had infected him with its Memphis Charm. Though Lansky toured with contemporary bands and duos, he found himself on the solo career path which he can show his true talent.

The track “Drunk Every Sunday” jumps right into the song leaving the listener fully involved in the song and we couldn't get enough of the music video. The song is very laid back however, it has heartbreak written all over it (hence the lyrics and title of the song). The lyrics of the song, really bring the song together for the listener and paints a story from beginning to end. We see that Jase is regretting what he has done and explains to us why he is getting drunk every Sunday. The key change is what we are waiting for and where Lansky really lets loose. We hear all the emotions he seems to be keeping from us and now he is letting us know exactly why he feels the way he does. The instrumental to the song shouldn’t be overlooked as well. It has the classic country twang but at the same time the listener can not quite put their finger on it. It definitely has that feel of country rock with its steady tempo of drums and hints of finger picking guitars and possibly banjos. Jase’s vocals align perfectly with the music especially when he reaches his forte in the key change. A great song and artist behind it.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

Hi Guys, my name’s Jase Lansky and I’m an Australian country artist. I was born and grew up in the southern parts of Australia in what was an old orchard in Hobart, Tasmania. I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember and finally found my ‘country rock’ buzz when I visited Nashville 3 years ago.

Prior to jumping into ‘country’ I played in rock/alternative bands and duos, covering mainstream music, commercial tracks, and throwing in a few of my own tunes along the way. This experience taught me the logistics of music and provided me with an open space to learn from others and experiment with a range of musical platforms. And while I really enjoyed my rock roots, I’m absolutely loving my life in modern day country music.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

Well that’s an easy one. It’s on my birth certificate!

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes I write all my own music and have been experimenting with it for a while now. I began writing when I first found myself in the music scene and have kept it up ever since. But it wasn’t until I experienced the Nashville vibe that my writing style changed to what I now like to describe as ‘Country Rock/Americana’.

After leaving Nashville I was walking through the streets of Memphis on the 25th August 2015, taking everything in that an Australian can take in when in the US, when like a smack up the head it suddenly ‘hit’ me… and in that exact ‘Memphis’ moment I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, and what I needed to get me there.

So I came back to Australia with pipe dreams and a plan. The plan was to spend twelve months writing and pre-recording enough songs to drop an album, then head back to Nashville and record them.

I closed the door in my music room to the outside world, my wife set up a 12 month ‘Dream Board’ on the wall for me, and I wrote…

We saved our money and I sold everything I had that was worth anything, and twelve months to the day we were on a plane back to the US with enough songs for two albums. I had a Producer, a studio, and a bunch of Nashville musicians ready to go, and we came up with my debut album ‘Rip it up!’.

To date I have released 5 singles from the album, with 4 grabbing Top 5 status in the Australian Country Music Charts, including ‘Drunk Every Sunday’.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

My song ‘Drunk Every Sunday’, like all the tracks from my album ‘Rip it up!’ comes from life experiences. It’s pretty much a love story that goes wrong, highlighting the need to always look at life with wide eyes and an open heart. The term ‘Drunk Every Sunday’ within the chorus is more of a metaphor rather than an action, with the song trying to emphasize the need to remember that relationships are always a two-way partnership. So the line “…from getting drunk every Sunday” is pretty much saying “from being an idiot and not realizing what you’ve got until it’s gone”.

What’s next for you?

Since returning with my album to Australia I have been performing all around the country, have won a number of awards for my album, performed at (and will be performing at) major festivals, and am writing more songs for a new album.

I’m heading back to the US in 2019 to co-write tracks with some amazing artists, record my new music, and promote myself as a country singer/songwriter to an American market. Whether this works and the dream continues only time and hard work will tell, but I have had an amazing life journey so far…

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