Exclusive: Jordan Barone Releases 'Same Thing'

Meet the future of alternative R&B, Jordan Barone. With his new smash hit Same Thing”, Jordan shows glimpses of creative genius! Jordan delivers an epic story that has an extra melo vibe for the party crowd to vibe. The whole song is dream-like and has a off-kilter thriller-esque feel to it. The outcome is a turntup smoke/drank anthem.

With 'Same Thing' described as “Billy Joel meets Drake”, Jordan Barone’s influences can be traced through his experience which in return is placed creatively into his songwriting. "Same Thing" is a total smash hit and has got us caught up in the feels. The song is about being in love but wanting to hold back with the fear that the relationship you're trying to explore won't work out.

Jordan Barone won't be slowing down anytime soon! You can expect to be hearing his name everywhere soon enough. Stream 'Same Thing' on Spotify.

We had the chance to sit down with Jordan and talk to him about 'Same Thing'

Here's what he had to say!

Care to introduce yourself?

My name is Jordan Barone and I'm from Staten Island, New York, where there are many things coming together culturally to create the "Staten Island Sound". I started as a classical piano player, later worked as an audio engineer, and now I'm finally sharing my voice as an artist. 

Can you please tell us a bit about 'Same Thing' and the writing style behind it?

My music has been described as "Billy Joel meets Drake", adopting the singer-songwriter elements and rooting it in Hip-Hop. For "Same Thing", I wanted to showcase a little bit of the keys while keeping it in a contemporary format. Since it's my introduction to the world as an artist, I went with stripped down production to create focus on the vocals and melodies. I still enjoy the contrast between the singing and the more introspective rapping sections. 

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

The song called upon my combined experiences of relationships that didn't work out. I tried to capture the waves of emotion, cycling back and forth between the desire to be with someone, but the knowledge that the relationship will eventually meet it's demise. I also wanted to include the insecurities and fears that are commonly felt along with those emotions, and the lingering remanence of the relationship.

Let's get personal for a second! What are three things you would love your fans to know about you?

1) A lot of my songs are inspired by romantic movies.

2) I'm drawn to people who express themselves creatively.

3) Most of my best ideas come to me after midnight.

Any upcoming shows? How would you describe your live performance?

As of right now, I'm putting all focus on the release of my debut EP "Midnight Conversation" coming late 2018. After the release of the EP, there will definitely be a tour to follow. My project was created mostly during my time grinding as an audio engineer, traveling back and forth between Staten Island and New York City, working long shifts and taking late a.m. ferries. So, the live show will encapsulate that state of mind, transporting the audience to the city after midnight. I will also be showcasing my piano playing and elements of live production, taking the audience up, down, and back up again!

Connect with Jordan Barone on social media:

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/jordanbaroneredplanet

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/jordanbarone

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