Exclusive: KamiKwazi Releases New Hit "Low High"

KamiKwazi is twenty years old and is Zimbabwean and South African and currently located in London. He has been interested in music since a very young age and always loved rhythm crowds which he noticed brought people together. The songs that KamiKwazi are primarily percussive driven which is influenced from his culture. This has resulted in KamiKwazi having a good ear for percussion and the knowledge to layer it and execute it. “High Low” is his latest single and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Low High was inspired by a broken relationship about a couple that did not have enough time for each other to make the relationship work or last. It's a track of someone who has missed out on his chance with the girl who has mentally moved on with another person. The intro track was recorded by IMAN, a close friend of KamiKwazi who also has her own music out on her SoundCloud. The percussion definitely moves the song and progression forward but not in an aggressive way. It makes for a unique sound on this track with a catchy accent. It is a solid blend of pop, integrated with hints of KamiKwazi’s ethnic music in which it brings it to a new light. The instrumental aided with the percussion is very ambient and makes it a more striking track. Make sure to check out, “Low High” on Spotify!

Listen to "Low High" here.

Get to know the inspiration and writing process that KamiKwazi took for his latest single "Low High" through our exclusive #BuzzMusic Interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

I’m KamiKwazi, a London artist and I produce, engineer, write, sing, rap, mix and master. I also play a bit of piano and currently getting into drums but can play African drums well. I grew up in Zimbabwe and the music there is very upbeat with a lot of percussion and its made for people to dance no matter the message; could be sad, happy, or a tragic, but the music, the beat and the rhythm will still make you dance, even in funerals. 

I grew up in a farm and one of the workers there used to make handmade stuff, and one day we decided to make a guitar which was quite cool actually and that was the exact point I took an interest in music. Before that me and one of the workers there used to go around bars and gigs dancing and we made quite a lot of money. 

From there I got myself involved in drama and in primary school we did plays which involved singing and I used to sing, even I didn’t sound good it was always fun and it just got me hooked on how music could move people and just bring everyone together. 

I then moved to London when I was 12 and have been here ever since. I studying music technology since year 9 and used to watch this band go in the studio and record and ill ask them if I could come in and watch what they do then 10 minutes before they pack up id ask them if I could just play around in the studio and to see if I remembered what they did. To summarize it, the way I learnt how to produce was by just pressing as many buttons as I can and learning what they do and if it sounds good or not. 

Fast forward to a year ago I recorded a song Called 'slowly but surely’ and It was more of an experimental thing and the guy that played bass in it (Daniel) told me the song was sick and I showed it to a couple of people to see what they said and they all liked it. Literally everyone would sing it everyday at college and this was like months before I released it. From there I’ve recorded over 100 songs to be honest and only released around 5 of them. I've produced over 2000 beats and I’m not even exaggerating, plus I've lost of 500 files due to hard drives breaking of iCloud fucking up my files. Now i'm here with my latest release, Low High, which is a lot of people’s favorite to date. 

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

KamiKwazi is my half my second name. My grandfather used to call me Kwazi and he was like my best friend and Favorite person off all time, and because he was the one that brought me up, It only felt right to use that. There's many meanings to the name but to give you one for today,  Kwazi means knowledge and wisdom. Kami was taken from my Aunt’s name Sami, and I just exchanged the S for K. My aunt died of cancer after she put up a very very big fight. My Granddad also passed away and they both had a big role in my growing up. The name as a whole means fighting for what you believe in always ready to take on whatever is throw at your way. In short it means i'm a wise warrior. 

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

I write, produce and record all my music. I do get help from friends every now and then but 99% of the time I do it all myself. 

Normally when I'm making a song, I start by producing the beat. I could start with the dramas or chords or a melody. After I do this normally a vocal melody comes straight into my head and I record it down then I mute the whole beat and leave the click on and freestyle the whole song just to get melodies and maybe little lyrical ideas in there.I do this a couple of times I drain all the juices out of my brain, then after that I produce the beat more in depth around what I've recorded. I then select the melodies I liked and structure it from into, verse chorus, etc, to outro. Then lastly I start getting lyrics down and most of the time I never actually write lyrics down until i'm releasing the song because Apple Music requires lyrics sometimes. 

We’re really into your new song "Low High"! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

This song Low High was inspired by a broken relationship due to the couple being busy and not having enough time for each other. However, when the other person finally found sometime to spend time with their partner,  they came back to see she had moved on, and this is a reference for mentally moving on, in terms of that she’s not interested or still following the same things that they both had planned and she has found someone that's more shape shiftier to what she wants to do and someone more suited for her. The intro sample was record by one of my very very close friends IMAN who also has some music out on her Soundcloud, very talented singer. I was engineering a session for her and when she recorded that(the sample I used) I asked her if I could use it as a sample and turn it into a song and she said sure, then two days later I sent the song(Low High) to her to ask for her approval to make sure she was okay with it, and she loved it. So that's how the whole song came along! 

What’s next for you?

Right now i'm currently working on an EP which I should be releasing soon but i'm also trying to sort out live sets so I can go out and start performing this new music. Its all I've wanted to do, just make music and I've always loved watching my biggest inspirations change people lives and the way fans behave when their Favorite artists are performing live is amazing and I want to go through that experience first hand. After this EP is done i'm hoping things could be different and the beginning of a bigger and brighter chapter!

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