Exclusive: Long Island Artist "Jay Cass" Releases New Song "Home"

Long Island artist, Jonathan Casanova known as “Jay Cass” just released his newest hit “Home”. Jay didn't start his music career out to be a rapper, initially he was a producer where he grew up in a musically inclined household. His father played various of instruments while he watched his older brother create beats himself. The music industry was almost inevitable for Jay. He found his passion for music and by the age of 16 started releasing mix tapes solely engineered and recorded by himself! A man with multiple talents, jay is currently producing for many artists while performing at notable venues and seeking placements with radio and film himself. His single “Home” has an urban pop dance hall feel to it. As soon as the song plays you’re quickly drawn into its upbeat and charisma, naturally giving you the feeling to dance. The lyrics are pretty catchy and memorable as to where we can see many listeners naturally wanting to sing along. That, in our opinion is what makes a good record and Jay as a producer himself, knows the quality and ingredients that’s needed. Don’t forget to check out “Home” by Jay Cass, listen here.

Our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview with Jay Cass.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

My name’s Jonathan “Jay Cass” Casanova. I got my footing in music from growing up with my older brother being a beat maker and my father being involved with music as well. My dad taught me many instruments: piano, guitar, and sax to name a few. I got around to making beats myself and rapping by the age of 16 and I just loved the process of making projects. I made my first mixtape and released it on iTunes when I was 16 and I’ve made 5 since then. To this day, I produce and write everything I create. I work with a few producers here and there but I’m in love with the idea of knowing everything I make is a true reflection of my character and who I am.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

Jay Cass is simply a truncation of my full name, Jonathan Casanova.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Indeed I do write my own music. The process comes pretty naturally. I write about anything that I’m feeling in the moment. My projects take a while to create simply because I try my best not to force a subject matter just because it would be sell well. I’m open about my life and the things I go through, whether it be relationships, finances, personal growth, family, and the occasional songs where I just rap for the sake of rapping.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

This song is a memoir. A personal recollection of the nature of my past relationship. "Home" represents a place where all of ones turmoil can be disregarded, if not at least for a second. The passion we had for each other was fiery but the friction it caused ended up burning us little by little over time. Yet, we found the physicality of our relationship to be quite numbing. Eventually, we didn't feel anything at all. This song speaks on the issues of communication and emotional stability involved in young love, from a personal point of view.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on an album called “Soul Ain’t For Sale” which I’m really excited to share with the world but I’m taking my sweet ass time with it to be assured that everything on there is presented exactly the way I want it to. After that, I’m going to take a back seat from rapping and focus on production and collaborating more with artists. My first love is production and I want to come back to that. I want to establish myself as a Hit-Boy or a Sonny Digital and possibly return to rap when I’ve gained a little more experience.

Connect with Jay Cas on social media:

Instagram: @jay_cass

Twitter: @jay_cass