Exclusive: Malibu Soma Releases Indie Psychedelic Tune 'Something Can't Be Nothing'

Hailing from right here in sunny Los Angeles, indie-psychedelic band Malibu Soma takes us through a dreamy journey in their new song 'Something Can't Be Nothing'.

Malibu Soma is the creative collaboration between longtime friends Riley Donahue, Drew Thomsen, and Nathan Puckett. The guys have been playing music together since freshman year of high school, can you believe that!?

Malibu Soma has gone through many different musical phases and influences until recently settling on the “Daytime Disco” sound that comprises the music of Malibu Soma. Taking inspiration from contemporary psychedelic artists like Tame Impala as well as classic rhythmic artists like Micheal Jackson, they try to mix old school, pocket grooves with newer synth-based pop music. 

'Something Can't Be Nothing' serves as the first single from the bands 5-song self titled EP. At the start of 'Something Can't Be Nothing', dreamy synth-pop guitar riffs fill the air. Soon after follows an equally as dreamy voice that we never want to end. The song has an excellent upbeat, get on your feet and dance vibe! There's only a few songs out there that can make our hips move without our control and this is one of them. Malibu Soma kind of sounds like a mix between Tame Impala, meets Capital Cities and The 1975. You'll be instantly hooked and wanting more, listening to only one song from the 5-song EP would be a total tease. We listened through the entire EP and truly feel that there's a story to be told here. From song #1 to song #5, prepare to get completely lost for a moment, enjoying the unique and delicious sounds of synth-pop ballads. Definitely one of our top picks! Listen to the song here.

We had the chance to sit down with the band and get some behind the scenes of creating 'Something Can't Be Nothing'. Here's what they had to say!

Care to introduce yourself?
Hey, I’m Riley, I play guitar, synth, and sing in Malibu Soma, along with my two best friends: Drew Thomsen (on drums), and Nathan Puckett (on bass, synth, and backing vocals). We live in Los Angeles, CA and are all 21 years old although I’ve been told I look much older. My mustache probably doesn’t help.
Your new song is so dreamy! Can you tell us a bit about 'Something Can't Be Nothing' and the writing style behind it?

Thank you! We’re so glad you like it. I started the song because of a primal need to play around with a Moog bass sound so that was the main building block; I wanted the vocal part to sound like The Weeknd mixed with like, syncopated pseudo-math rock. I kind of get inspired to start songs based on a group of songs where I feel like they could be combined into a fusion, and that’s what we tried to do with this song.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

Like I said above, this song came from my love of the vocal stylings of The Weeknd’s album Kissland as well as some Moog bass feeling in the song “Fades” by ZuluZuluu. Like pop vocals over a more grooving R&B/funk track, which is kind of my main goal when writing all of our music honestly.

Let's get persona for a second! What are 3 things you would love your fans to know about you?

Woah hard question. Ok I guess that: 1. We love recording at home so most of that album was recorded and mixed in my apartment or in Drew and Nathan’s house. 2. We worship Kevin Parker and Michael Jackson. 3. We fiend age of empires III - Drew

Any upcoming shows in the near future? How would you describe your live performance?

I’m working now on scheduling some shows in Los Angeles for when I’m back from a tour with the dream pop band No Vacation, so there will definitely be some shows somewhere around the area soon. For a new fan I would describe our live performance as daytime disco; a perfect environment to have a cocktail and dance with a friend or love interest.

Connect with Malibu Soma on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/malibusoma

Twitter: twitter.com/MalibuSoma

Facebook: facebook.com/malibusoma