Exclusive: New Song Release From Deprived Lunacy (Sweden)

Deprived Lunacy is a band that is said to take after Gothenburg sound (Sweden’s music capital) while sharing characteristics of American bands such as Killswitch Engage and Trivium. The band is comprised of Thomas (vocals), Sebbe and Putte (guitar)and Emil on bass. They banded together in 2017 and released “Conflicted Mind” in February of 2018. Their song “Victims” is a perfect showcase of their sound and its’ influence by Gothenburg.

The song has a notable Gothenburg sound with its heavy bass and galloping rhythm guitar . The vocals are heavy as well which intensifies the entire song . This song along with “Deprived Lunacy (Intro)”, “Self Inflicted” , “Escape”, “Like Pawns” and “Victims” all seem to correlate and tell a story of a person who is struggling with themselves. The intro, is definitely a good one to start with and it is probably a good idea to start “Conflicted Mind” in order. The intro is definitely more mellow and more of an instrumental that leads into Escape. “Self Inflicted” is next and it has a more melodic rhythm guitar. “Victims” is the one following this and definitely takes after “Escape” and seems to be an extension with its growly vocals. It may not be a concept album completely, but it definitely has a story to tell. If you are open to new genres of music that experiments with heavy metal and eclectic sound, this would be a great band to start with. Listen to 'Victim' here.

We had a chance to interview Deprived Lunacy! Check it out below.

Care to introduce yourself?

Absolutely! We are Deprived Lunacy, based in Gothenburg Sweden. Grew up with the now days legendary Gothenburg sound right around the corner, which probably have shaped some of us regarding music and heroes.

We're really into your new song 'Victims'. Can you tell us a bit about the song and the writing style behind it?

Thanks, we’re glad you like it! “Victims” was actually the third song we wrote for our EP “Conflicted mind”. This is more of a straight forward song without solos and stuff like that. In some way it came very naturally to us when the process of the EP all started. The guitarists (Patrik and Sebastian) had some riff ideas and from there the whole band was involved in creating and shaping it to the song it became.

Where did the inspiration behind writing 'Victims' come from?

Musically the inspiration comes from everywhere. We all have bands in common that we listen to, but we're also somewhat divided between different genres. I think that's what makes our music to what it actually is, a product of five individuals playing and creating together. The music is our valve where we release the pressure from everything we experience, both past and present. Lyric wise there was a lot of things going on at the moment, and Thomas(vocals) that wrote the lyric more or less just wrote down his thoughts of the day into this. When a lot of things happens at the same time in life you sometimes need to “hold your head up high and just walk away”.

What are 3 things you would love your fans to know about you?

Oh, wow, that's a tough one haha! We all love humor! That's a big part of the band, and we're pretty easy going. Even though everyone in the band have experienced both ups and downs in life, and we play the kind of music we do, we actually aren't as angry as we may seem. I know we didn't get three things but hey, why not contact us at our social medias like Facebook or Instagram if there are anything you as a fan would like to know about us or our music. We would gladly answer your questions!

How would you describe your live performance? Any upcoming shows in the near future?

This summer we've been busy writing new songs and work with things around the band, and also booking gigs for 2019. We have a lot of things in the pipeline and one of the things we can confirm right now is the 9th of March at Bakstage Rockbar in Varberg Sweden. A lot of great bands have played there and we can't wait to get the place shaking. We all really love playing live, and I think that combined with a lot of energy and previous rehearsal really make our gigs stand out from the mass. But to be sure, why not come see us your self?! Thanks for all the support and love, see you!!

Connect with Deprived Lunacy on social media:

Facebook - @deprivedlunacy

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