Exclusive: “Not For Nothing” From The Common Chase A Zesty Toronto Rock Band

If you haven’t heard of the Toronto rock band “The Common Chase”, they are a group of four musicians that consists of Adriano Loparco, Carolina Rodriguez, Jesse Shafer and Taylor Simpson. The four joined together through a local music program where they were studying songwriting and performance arts. Each had their own individual ideas and styles, but collectively wanted to share their music with others. This year, The Common Chase have been working on writing, recording and performing their music in small venues across Toronto. Currently they continue to pursue their goals of spreading their art and music.

In their song “Not for Nothing”, the listener can hear the influences of Nirvana with the guitar riffs and melancholy intro. In the first minute, you are sucked into what seems like a build up to something later in the song. After the first minute, the tempo is picked up into a head banging chorus. The contrasting intro and chorus really highlights the lyrics and its meaning. At first being soft, sad, and a bit gloomy as if in remorse, all of a sudden changes into an angsty person reflecting on a past relationship. Make sure to listen to “Memories and Questions” and “Monica” available on Spotify now! Listen to 'Not For Nothing' here.

We had a chance to talk with The Common Chase, get to know the band and their music with our BuzzMusic Exclusive.

Care to introduce yourself?

Hey, we’re The Common Chase! We’re a Toronto-based rock band made up of four musicians: Adriano Loparco, Carolina Rodriguez, Jesse Shafer and Taylor Simpson. We formed our band while studying music in Toronto, specifically song writing and performance at Seneca College. We’re so lucky because every band member has their own individual music background and taste, so we are able to create music that incorporates everyone’s talent.

We're completely in love with your new song. Can you tell us a bit about the song and the writing style behind it?

The song “Not for Nothing” was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band, making it very special for us. When it comes to songwriting we approach every song differently. This song began with Adriano having the lyrics of the chorus pop into his head while he was songwriting. He then decided to bring the song to the group to see what we could create and brainstorm together. From that day we started working on rifts and writing lyrics together based on the story of the song.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

“Not for Nothing” is about two best friends who drift apart due to complications in their relationship. Although one may try to fix the situation, sometimes wounds can’t be healed. This song was universal for all of our band members because almost everyone can relate to losing a good friend. We wanted to write a song that our audience could also relate to, so we think that this is a great way to get a little more intimate with them.

Let's get persona for a second! What are 3 things you would love your fans to know about you?
  1. Our band has not one, not two, but three lead vocalists! Most of us are multi-instrumentalists, so it makes the writing and creative process, as well as our sets, fun.

  2. Although The Common Chase is classified as a rock band, we all come from slightly different backgrounds and influences within music. Adriano’s music is often influenced by classic and hard rock. Taylor’s influences range from folk to post-hardcore music. Carolina’s influences stem from blues and rock music. Jesse’s influences range from rock and funk music. When brought together, all these musical influences form the special sounds of The Common Chase.

  3. We love supporting local artists! One thing we all have in common is we love checking out friend’s shows and meeting new acts. It is so important to us that we contribute to our music scene by showing local love and support.

Any upcoming shows in the near future? For a new fan who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your live performance?

Yes! Our next show is booked for September 27th. We are playing the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto, Ontario with Jailbirds and Grooove. We certainly pride ourselves in our live shows; we have been told our sets are very energetic and fun to experience, with lots of jumping, dancing and crowd interaction. When we’re on stage we’re all having the time of our lives doing what we love, so we try our best to make sure everyone there watching and supporting us is also having a good time.

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