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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: UTE Returns With a Personal Documentary, "UTE: Music Makes Me Fly"

The Germany-based singer-songwriter and actress UTE returns to BuzzMusic to hit the big screen with her personal and informative documentary entitled "Music Makes Me Fly." Taking us through a typical week in Ute's life, she allows her audience to get to know the many musical and day-to-day endeavors she takes part in.

The early scenes of the film take place at Gaga Studio in Hamburg, Germany, where UTE records her version of Queen's "Love of My Life," alongside studio owner Hans-Jurgen Steffen and engineer Marc Schettler. When speaking upon working with UTE and the atmosphere she brings in the studio, Schettler stated, "In the studio situation, normally we have stress and pressure, but working with UTE is completely the opposite of that. She comes in and is always in a happy mood, and this happy and positive thinking comes over to me, and I feel good when I'm working with her."

Throughout the documentary, we also get to know UTE's more personal side through her relationship with her mother, Gabriele Schönherr. Not only does Gabriele sit in the booth while UTE is recording, but the two regularly have tightly scheduled appointments with makeup artists, nail salons, and hairdressers. When touching on his day with UTE, hairdresser Kai Uhlmann also mentioned the constant pleasure it is to work alongside UTE, "We've known each other for 8 or 9 years now, and she comes every three weeks for cut and color, and we always have a great time, she's always in a good mood, and we always have lots of fun."

Gearing up for UTE's concert in Eckernförde, Germany, she's accompanied by producer Kurt Wipfli and engineer Marc Schettler, not to mention her mother and sister, who stand by while UTE begins soundcheck. As UTE starts singing her rendition of The Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You," she keeps our attention drawn onto the angelic and soulful vocal flairs she sweetly offers during soundcheck. Later on, UTE ventures over to the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Football game, where she sings the national anthem for the eighth year in a row.

Throughout the documentary, we can see how busy and tightly-scheduled UTE's days are, especially as she returns to the concert scene in Eckernförde, Germany, and hits the stage with a jam-packed audience. Wearing a bright blue floral jacket to keep her warm on stage, she truly wears her brand on her sleeve as her personality and charisma are equally as bright as her attire. When reflecting on the concert over an interview, UTE mentioned that she followed up acts who were heavy rock and smooth jazz; however, the audience was as eager as ever to listen to her soothing sound, "I think our music is timeless, and what we do is less is more," stated UTE.

While onboard a sailboat for the Kieler Woche sailing event, UTE was gifted the ball from the football game the day prior, "They all signed the ball, it was really an honor, one day I will have a studio full of footballs," quotes UTE. Moving over to Townhall Stage in Kieler Woche, Germany, UTE performs her original music for soundcheck, preparing for the night's performance while already garnering the attention of onlookers.

Fleeing to San Antonia, Texas, UTE later records her original song "Snowflakes" at Blue Cat Studio to end the documentary. Closing the film with UTE's personal interview giving us more detail on her musical past and future, she truly lets us into her musical and inspirational world through each scene in this thorough and compelling documentary.

Experience UTE's personal and motivational documentary, "Music Makes Me Fly," and get to know the inspirational singer-songwriter and her many talents.

We are excited to premiere your new documentary, "Music Makes Me Fly". Can you tell us a bit about the documentary, why did you want to get this out to the world? Music makes me fly is my story, the story of how I became a singer, who I am, what am I focusing on, why do I sing.

You are an extremely talented singer and inspiring artist. Why did you choose the name "Music Makes Me Fly" for the documentary?

Thank you very much for the compliment. Music makes me fly is the feeling that I have when I sing. When I am on stage or in a studio I concentrate so much on the song I am performing and the message I’m trying to bring to my audience, that my body seems to be lifted up by my voice into the sky and I get the feeling that I just have to spread my arms and they become wings and I start to fly.

The state-of-the-art music studio that you filmed "Music Makes Me Fly'' in looks so inspiring and creative to create in. Can you tell us about the studio you were filming in?

Gaga Studio in HamburgBlue Cat Recordings in San Antonio Texas Harter Studios in San Antonio Texas these are my favorites studios. Each of them is very unique. Gaga Studio in Hamburg and Blue Cat Recordings are almost like a family to me. When I go back there, it’s always like a family reunion and a kind of celebration

What were some of your most favorite moments and scenes in "Music Makes Me Fly"? One of my favorite moments was being on stage performing live and the audience was singing with me while it was filmed. When I sang the main song, the title song: Music makes me fly on all three stages a bird was flying over the audience and back to me. For me, it looks like a sign from heaven What was your experience like as a whole creating this movie? How long did it take your team to film? I enjoyed it from the beginning until the very end. It took us half a year to film the documentary. I learned a lot about myself as the biggest experience

What would you like your new fans and listeners to know about "Music Makes Me Fly"? I think that music makes me fly really helps people in difficult or unhappy situations and puts the person was watching it into a good spirit, lift up their mood hopefully. For sure it’s a family movie with a great soundtrack.

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