Exclusive: Ric Da Vinci The Rapper That Will Win You Over With His New Single "Go Crazy"

Ricky Walsh, otherwise known as Ric Da Vinci was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Music was integrated in Ricky’s life from a very early age due to his father playing guitar and was also his first mentor in music. In result of this, Ric Da Vinci mastered guitar, drums and is currently attempting to master the piano. Rap came into Ric Da Vinci’s life during his middle school years, with the help of his neighbor. Later in his life, Ric Da Vinci would go onto to study the rap game heavily, but got off on the wrong foot. When people heard his first track, most took it as a parody but this didn’t stop Ric Da Vinci . He continued to write lyrics and by the time he hit his freshman year, he was terminated but resulted in him creating his first mix tape. He would eventually record it in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. Gaining a following from campus, Ric Da Vinci now has thousands of plays on Soundcloud and his most recent project is titled “Vision to Vendetta 2”.

An ambient beat is introduced to the listener, which draws a hint of curiosity of how the track will play out.

The track is titled, “Go Crazy” and Ric Da Vinci is able to portray that mood of someone who is losing their mind. It’s eerie and angsty, with a smooth flow brought by Ric Da Vinci and his lyrical sense. This track is a representation of who Ric Da Vinci is in the rap game and is bluntly telling everyone who has doubted him. His lyrics are strong and blunt while telling his story in one track. This is a great track to start with when listening to Ric Da Vinci’s music, make sure to keep up with him and his latest projects!

We had a chance to Interview Ric Da Vinci and ask him about his latest single "Go Crazy" as well as his exciting upcoming projects!

Hi Ric! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Ricky Walsh, known more popularly as Ric Da Vinci, was born on October 30, 1995 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. From an early age, music played a major role is his life. His father, Rich Walsh, played guitar and was Da Vinci's first mentor in music. Ric Da Vinci mastered guitar, drums, and is currently attempting to master the piano. However, rap was not in Ric's playlist until his middle school years. His first role model in rap was his next-door neighbor, Gladly Mistaken, who gave Da Vinci his first opportunity to rap on a microphone. The first song Da Vinci out into the public realm would come to be his most embarrassing moment of his life at that time, for it was terribly received as a parody and he was labeled as a wannabe rapper. That didn't stop Ric though, for he decided to keep writing, but in the form of poetry. He compiled over 1000 poems by the time he finished high school. Da Vinci attended Drexel University in the fall of 2014 and was immediately inspired by his roommates and their affinity for hip hop culture and rap music. Da Vinci began to study the game heavily, and resumed his rap career. He had significantly improved his writing abilities and delivery. By the time his freshman year had terminated, he had written his 2000th song, which would lead to his first mixtape, which was recorded in Boston, MA at Bristol Studios in the Berklee college of Music. When Da Vinci moved back to Philadelphia, he had a steady following in the Drexel campus. His close friend and roommate, Mike DiCioccio, was the main producer on the Vision To Vendetta album, marking Da Vinci's first full-length project of his career. Ric and Mike continued to release several singles until Ric transferred to HeatFactory Studios, where he released his second album, "The Code." Most Recently, his hit singles "Drifting", "leave Me Be", and "Vendetta" have accumulated a total of over 168,000 plays on SoundCloud. These three singles will be featured on his upcoming third project, "Vision To Vendetta 2".

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

I do write my own music! I typically will find inspiration in the sounds. A melody will pop into my head and i will come up with a hook based on it, then form verses around it. However, sometimes i will take the approach of writing a stream of consciousness, which will usually turn into one of my cyphers. Alternating between the two methods has worked for me, and is also natural.

"Go Crazy" is a total hit! Can you tell us a bit about the song?

Thanks! Go Crazy was one of my personal favorites to write and record. Go Crazy is a fictional representation of someone telling me what i should be in life. A patient is supposed to conform to treatment by a mentally unstable doctor to become something he doesnt want to be. In a few different situations, i have been confronted to conform to being something i am not. I wanted to create a song based on this concept, but also wanted it to be an aggressive song, something to work out to or get stress levels down.

Entering the music industry at such a young age, what was that like? 

Entering the music industry started as as form of self-soothing. I was depressed and struggling with handling my emotions and was upset with the education system suppressing my interest in rap. I had no respect from my family when it came to music, so i went to my room and made it into my studio at age 15. I produced and wrote poetry, but was too scared and not confident enough to rap on my own beats. I became really depressed in my first year of college, so i started writing again, since school took up most of my time. I picked up drinking and decided to rap over some jazz instrumentals. it worked. My roommates all enjoyed it and soon it would become my first EP, No Discussion. Since then, i have written over 3000 songs.

You mentioned you're working on a new project titled "Vision To Vendetta 2", can you tell us a bit about it?

V2V2!!! I'm so hype to announce that will be dropping on my birthday! October 30! Vision to Vendetta changed my life. It was my first full-length project and was my come-up story in one album. I wanted to honor that by creating a sequel of what has happened since then. Expect the two singles, Vendetta and Leave Me Be, to be on there, plus 5-7 extra songs. Also, i will be releasing another mix tape on December 24th, which has yet to be titled. expect so much content full of good quality and good concepts

What’s next for Ric Da Vinci?

Ric Da Vinci WILL be the face of Philly underground rap, then the face of the youth. I know my content and messages are for the youth and for the young adults of the world, i just can't wait to meet the people in the industry to take a shot on me. 

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