Exclusive: Singer-Songwriter Jon Nistal Releases New Song "Stories"

Jon Nistal grew up on Long Island, New York and started off as a drummer then moved on to guitar/vocals while still at a very young age. After making the decision to take writing and performing more seriously, Jon went on to play and work with the likes of many well known bands and artists. Jon displays a gift for harmony and melody, and the catchy hooks in his songs leaves a long lasting impression on his listeners. Some of Jon’s influences are The Beach Boys, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Gin Blossoms and many more. Nistal's passion is to create music for people and have it accessible for oka everyone.He currently resides in New York City writing and producing including for multimedias and for other artists.

Jon Nistal’s song “Stories”, has an upbeat sound with a contrasting vibe of lyrics and the story in which he is trying to tell. It has a cool verse that leads up to the chorus with very nice vocals sprinkled with harmonies here and there. The percussion really captures the listeners attention by giving it a “catchiness” to it and providing the listener with a nice beat to keep tempo to. It’s important to note the lyrics and to not take it for a happy song due to its rhythmic tempo. The listener can definitely hear his influences of The Goo Goo Dolls in this one with its somewhat alternative rock sound which is sometimes hard to put a genre on. Overall, if you want a cool song to add to your playlist, go listen to “Stories” by Jon Nistal.

We had the chance to talk to Jon Nistal. Check out our exclusive interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey what’s going on? Jon Nistal here. Thanks for having me

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

I started out as a drummer , then I moved to guitar and vocals so I could start writing and fronting bands. Soon after I did some touring. After that I starting taking writing more seriously but didn’t know where to go with it exactly. While taking sort of a break I played with 80s legend Eddie Money doing some tv and radio promotion. After that I moved out to Los Angeles and was inspired by a friend of mine To put together a studio , record my own material and get involved with publishing. Long story short, after moving back to NY I decided to do my first solo record.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes all the writing and playing of the instruments is myself.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Honestly just starting writing from the subconscious and this is what came out. Did about 8 songs in 2 months.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

Not so much inspiration for every song , but more deciphering later on where these words came from. Could be something happening now or in the past or both fused together.

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

Very interested in moving around a lot, also enjoy foreign language and spending time with my son

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance?

No shows yet. Very soon though. Putting together a live act as we speak.

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