Exclusive: So much talent in one, Destiny Stone’s “No Better”

Destiny Stone, a 20 year old with a lot of years ahead of her, but she already has some years on her soulfully. Growing up in Mississippi, music was a big part of her life even when she didn’t know how to talk yet. She started to sing before she could even form a sentence. She started playing piano before she was ten and began writing songs. Destiny’s style is a melting pot of jazz, blues and gospel all mixed into one. Destiny progressively strayed away from love songs and stuck to songs that focus around the racism that occurs in Mississippi. A beautiful voice and soul that some say is a gift from God.

You feel the rhythm and blues that moves you, it takes you back to the South with the songs Southern vibe. It makes you nod your head and sucks you in without you even realizing. It includes a nice piano hook and Destiny’s smooth soulful vocals. Her soothing “mm” intro really brings you into it all. You start listening to her lyrics “doing that sin” and “I’m no better than him”, you start to piece together the topic which is racism. Destiny really brings in the blues with her backing vocals of her “mms” while she continues to sing the verses. This really brings out her Mississippi roots while you can hear the grit in her voice which intensifies the meaning of the song. The bridge is really beautiful with its lyrics, a kind message and reminder to the listener to not take things for granted. A beautiful song, from a beautiful soul. Listen to "No Better" here.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

I'm from a Holly Springs, a small town in north Mississippi. I was born in the state's capital and lived in Mississippi up until the time I went to Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina. I've been writing songs since about 1st or 2nd grade and playing the piano since the 3rd grade. The moment it was really cemented that I wanted to be a singer/songwriter and performer was when I was 15 and participated in a music camp talent show. I sang a song I wrote about my grandmother who died on my 14th birthday, and I received the only standing ovation. I was so full emotion I boo hoo'ed like a baby to my camp counselors and later on my mom told me that while I was singing, she looked around and saw people in the audience crying. I've performed in several places across Mississippi and North Carolina. One of my biggest accomplishments so far is being asked to perform my tribute show to the Grammy award winning and 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nina Simone in her hometown of Tryon, NC. I was also recently accepted to perform my tribute show in Women's Work 2018 in Nashville this year, so I'm really excited about that since I plan to move to Nashville after graduating in December of this year. 

We're completely in love with your new song. Can you tell us a bit about the song and the writing style behind it?

As far as my name, it is my birth name. My mom named me and if I had a quarter for every time I heard "you have a super star name" or something of that sort, I would be rich. I've never thought about having a "stage name" other than my real name since so many people say it has a ring.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes, I write my own music. Writing songs helps me to release emotion and I have grown to write about relationships (romantic and familial), social justice issues, my faith, and personal struggles. Many people compare me to India Arie and she is the first artist I grew to love. I like to think my songs are transparent and witty. I try to write in a way that makes you think but not go over the listeners head. Sometimes, I try to break out of my serious shell and write a fun, laid-back song.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

My song "Don't Mind" is basically my mission statement as an artist. It has it's fun and humor yet I end each verse stressing the importance of my faith and allowing the chorus to let the listeners know straight up that this is MY music and I sing whatever I feel led to write about. Recently, I've found myself writing socially conscious songs, and I really have to remind myself that everyone may not like to hear it but it's important to express.

Any upcoming shows in the near future? For a new fan who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your live performance?

I graduate from college this year and I plan to move to Nashville and immerse myself in the music industry. I've also realized that I have a passion for teaching music too so I may end up teaching during the day and gigging by night. 

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