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Experience a “Miracle” With Youthful Artist Anna Goldsmith

Lyricist and vocalist Anna Goldsmith have one main goal when it comes to developing her music and personal brand: to uplift her audience through messages that create hope and confidence and inspire kindness. Starting her musical career at the brilliant age of 10, Anna Goldsmith built her foundation via music theatre and continued to shape her artistry at 15.

The first song that the world heard from Goldsmith was titled "Shine," followed by the release of "Follower." Anna Goldsmith has released her third original single, "Miracle," which matches similar energy and tone to her previous singles. Anna's music brings back some vibrant elements similar to the early 00's alternative pop/punk scene, but with a distinct contemporary shift.

A compelling and immersive experience is provided to listeners with the release of "Miracle." Sharp vocal tones and crisp instrumental electrics fill the air, and Goldsmith takes listeners through a spectrum of emotions with her impassioned realizations. Do you ever find yourself and your true authenticity shadowed by what others may think?

Anna Goldsmith takes us down the thought line of finding your authentic self amidst the nuanced world. One thing is for sure, Anna can tap into her sense of shared humanity and find inspiration in witnessing others live their truths: "Then I see what others do, and it makes me believe in miracles."

Tons of beautiful images and messages are strategically embedded into "Miracle," Anna does a phenomenal job at helping one understand the inner critic and how it can be abolished with specific influences, like people. Even further, Anna stimulates listeners to think about how they can seek out miracles all around them, too.

It is safe to say that "Miracle" offered a touching lyrical experience while maintaining a raw-natured alternative/punk sound. Sit back, close your eyes, and prepare for a pop-punk "Miracle" alongside artist Anna Goldsmith.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Anna Goldsmith, and congratulations on your latest single, "Miracle." We can only imagine the excitement surrounding your third single release. Was there a particular reason "Miracle" was third in the release line?

Thank you so much for having me; I am excited about our interview. I wish there were a meaningful answer to this, but "Miracle" was the third song I had ready to record! All of your singles have beautiful messages intertwined in the lyricism. Can you elaborate on the themes you cover in your music, why you choose such themes, and how "Miracle" fit into your sound vision?

The overall message I want to convey to people everywhere is that they are great just as they are and don't need to change to fit in. When I was younger, I struggled with being bullied and lacking the confidence to be bold. I want everyone to know that it is good to be the real you, and you are amazing! "Miracle" is about finding your true self without putting others down and being confident in who you are. If you were to record "Miracle" again with another artist, who would you choose to collaborate with?

Wow, this is a fun question! I would collaborate with Debbie Harry from Blondie on "Miracle!" She and her music inspire me!

How do you motivate yourself to make music, especially when creating becomes more challenging?

On those days, I start by eating a snack, then I think about why I'm there and what I'm trying to do, and next, I brainstorm a list of all the possible ideas I could have, and then the creativity starts to flow. Something on my list will strike a chord with me! in

What do you look or listen for in other artists when listening to a song? Do you embed this element into your own music?

I look for a strong sound with drums and guitar and a raspy-sounding voice. I embed the drums and guitar into my music. I love it!


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