Experience BOARDWALK's Memorable 6-Track EP, 'Tsunami Orange'

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, alt-pop artist, musician, and producer BOARDWALK sends us into summer's heat and passion with his latest 6-track EP, 'Tsunami Orange.'

Michael Marguet's music career began after a life-threatening battle with cancer that drove him to pursue a solo career and create the music he wanted to hear. "It really puts things in perspective... During chemo, I told myself that I had a responsibility to send out as much love and positive energy into the universe as I could when I finally made it out," says BOARDWALK.

Writing, recording, and producing his entire 6-track EP, 'Tsunami Orange,' BOARDWALK mentioned that that record features themes of self-actualization, love, and exploration. Inspired by acts like Pheonix, Jungle, and LCD Soundsystem, BOARDWALK fuels the EP with swirling psychedelic alt-pop textures.

Entering the experience by way of the bouncy introductory track, "I Got Myself," the song opens with bright electric guitar riffs and warm drum breaks. As the mid-tempo drums begin to expand with help from uplifting synth arrangements and a plucky bassline, BOARDWALK joins the party exclaims his powerful lyricism regarding having his own back and being there for himself the way no one else could. As we approach the pre-chorus, a beautiful array of psychedelic synths sweep us off our feet while BOARDWALK serenades us with his sweet vocals that drop into the rhythmic, groovy, and funky hook.

Moving into the EP's second track, "Downtown Lovin'," this track brings us all the feel-good and lighthearted vibes we crave during the heat of our sweltering summer season. As the song begins with a wavy electric guitar alongside a groovy bassline and mid-tempo drum breaks, BOARDWALK makes the experience all the more exhilarating through his soothing vocal harmonies and instrumental versatility. We adore the blend of organic electric guitars and heavy bass-like synths that punch our speakers with might and lust. As the track comes to a close, BOARDWALK leaves us moving and grooving into track number three.

Spicing it up with the third track, "Forget You," the song opens with a bright electric guitar and upbeat drum breaks. As BOARDWALK makes his radiant vocal appearance, he begins the song on an optimistic note with lyrics like "I don't miss you anymore, but I still got your records on my shelf." As he continues grooving to the song's funk-feel and toe-tapping instrumentation, BOARDWALK brings us into the powerful hook where the entire instrumentation crashes through our speakers like a sonic breath of fresh air. We are incredibly impressed with BOARDWALK's ability to merge organic and synthetic instrumentation, as it's nothing but memorable.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "Desert Song Pt. I," the song opens with a similar synthetic vibe to Tame Impala's "Nangs," through a vibrating synth that drops into a wholehearted groove. The instrumentation takes us through a bright and glittery desert with its soothing sounds and BOARDWALK's alluring vocal stylings. As his gleaming harmonies make their way through our speakers, BOARDWALK jumps into the upbeat hook where he reminds us to find healing wherever that might be. Halfway through, we're met with a wildly transcendent instrumental breakdown that brings us into the psychedelic feel and texture of the entire EP at hand.

Continuing the journey with the next track, "Desert Song Pt. II," the song opens with BOARDWALK's soothing head voice accompanied by a developing instrumental atmosphere drenched in self-love and exploration. As the instrumentals and sonics pick up, the entire atmosphere is lifted into this serene and celestial space that's bound to put any listener in a trance. This track is just over a minute in length, yet it provides some of the most beautiful and inspiring instrumentals/sonics we've heard on the entire EP. As BOARDWALK closes the song, the sonics slowly fade out with a whole-sounding dreamy undertone.

Reaching the last track of the EP, "Is It Love?," the song opens like a bright summer morning with a smooth electric guitar melody that drops into a groovy alt-pop texture through a bouncy bassline, mid-tempo drum breaks, and lush background synths. As BOARDWALK begins to describe incredibly picturesque scenes of needing someone's time and love, he drifts into the wavy pre-chorus with his glimmering synths that pulse their way in and out of the foreground. Jumping into the hook, BOARDWALK asks, "Is It Love?" and leaves any listeners chanting his lyrics alongside the feel-good instrumentation and intimate sonic atmosphere.

Overall, BOARDWALK's entire EP, 'Tsunami Orange,' is jam-packed with feel-good vibes and tones to leave any listeners moving and grooving all summer long. Find BOARDWALK's 6-track EP, 'Tsunami Orange,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, BOARDWALK, we're honestly head over heels for the thorough and psychedelic listening experience of your latest EP, 'Tsunami Orange.' Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to create a record surrounding self-actualization, love, and exploration?

Thanks so much! So I guess the record is really a reflection of where I was at in my life during the time of its conception, and where I think a lot of people in their twenties find themselves: searching for meaning, exploring themselves, falling in love. I wouldn’t say there was one definitive moment where I set out to start the project, but more of a “chapter in life” that I wanted to capture. The whole thing was a really cathartic experience for me.

What was your creative process like when crafting your entire EP, 'Tsunami Orange?’ Was it challenging or easy to create the whole project solo?

Oh, it’s definitely an insane challenge, but that’s part of what makes it so fun for me. I got to be selfishly playful with the entire project - experimenting with different sounds, laying parts down, scrapping them, rewrites, TONS of rewrites. There wasn’t anyone in the room telling me what I could and couldn’t do - which is great for creative freedom and introspection, but obviously comes with its disadvantages as well. You don’t have anyone but yourself to rely on for direction, which can be daunting. But I was happy I did it myself. I set out with a goal and I accomplished it, and I’m proud of that.

If there was one thing that listeners could take away from your EP, 'Tsunami Orange,' what would you want that to be?

I hope this record encourages people to explore. That’s really what the whole record is about. Exploration of self, exploration of space, exploration of love. Exploring new ideas and new ways of thinking - exploring one’s own potential. At least, that’s what I feel the EP is for me.

Do you have a personal favorite track within 'Tsunami Orange?’ What draws you to this track in particular?

The easy answer would be ‘I Got Myself’, because that’s the song that really propelled the whole project into being, and it’s sort of the fun danceable tune that gets people excited. But I think the most fun song to make was ‘Downtown Lovin’’. That song actually started as a hip-hop beat I was producing for a buddy of mine, but an hour into writing I decided I needed to keep it for myself. I had to call my friend and be like, ‘Hey dude, you know that song I’m

making for you? It’s mine now, but I’ll make you another one!’ Because it originally wasn’t meant for me, it took on a totally different shape and color than what I’m used to and I was able to come at it from a totally different perspective.

How did your experience battling cancer help propel you into a music career? Was there a specific moment that you promised yourself to follow your musical dreams?

I was in the middle of chemo, sick, tired, and questioning everything. I had a very open and vulnerable conversation with a friend, where she basically asked me if I was happy with what I had accomplished in life up until that point. And the short answer was no. I made the decision right then that I had a responsibility to send out as much love and positive energy into the universe as I could when I finally made it out. It’s what I felt I was put here to do, and the way in which I do it best is through music. I just want everyone to dance!

What's next for you?

I have a music video coming out soon that I’m really excited about. It was my first experience shooting a video, and I had a really great team behind me. A bunch of my friends showed up as extras and actors, which was awesome because it’s basically a snapshot of what our lives were like during this time, preserved forever in video form. Besides that, I’m really excited to translate the sounds from the record to a live setting and rock out! I feel like I’m developing my sound and skills as a musician every day, and I can’t wait for what’s next.