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Experience Chill Electronic Vibes In New Single “Namida” By Jandoelives

From Singapore to Toronto, Jandoelives is creating mellow electronic chill music to vibe along to. His influences include 90’s R&B and rnge to Japanese music. He describes himself as non-genre particular and his music stylings are very expansive. One minute Jandoelives could be listening to Joe Hisaishi, move on to Deftones and then end his playlist with Boys II Men. Jandoelives stays original and alluring with his heavy synth sound arrangements and unique tones.


Jandoelives newest release “Namida”, which means tears in Japanese, is sure to keep you hypnotized. After an 8 year hiatus, Jandoelives’ powerful entry back into the music scene is all entrancing. At over 7 minutes long, the melancholy and electronic soundscape with take you on a journey. Jandoelives strives to create parables through his artistry and that’s evident throughout “Namida”. The ups and downs of the music and synths are powerful. Timeless and transporting, the smooth melodies are easy to escape to. I think Jandoelives is an incredibly talented artist and creator. Although the entire track is hypnotizing, my favorite has to be at around 5:00 when the drumming backbeat comes into play. This expertly mixed break of the song only further showcases Jandoelives production skills and creative mind. Overall “Nimida” is an invigorating experience that I highly recommend! Sit back and relax, get lost in the calming mixes by Jandoelives.

“Namida (涙); (Tears in Japanese): a catharsis we understand, empathise and experience wholly with one or another; our common trope.”

Check out “Namida” here and scroll down for an interview with Jandoelives below!

Can you tell us about the meaning behind your song “Namida”?

Namida, translates to "Tears" in Japanese. Something we have we understand in one way or another, a relatable catharsis.. As living beings, I see it is one of our common, sometimes unifying tropes, one which we can experience alone, with another or for another. It can be a representation of past memories, present sequence or future longing. A reflection of something reverting, be it poignant or jocular.

After not making any music for 8 years, what inspired your comeback?

I never thought i’d get back to playing music again, yet alone making music, but music sometimes calls you back, maybe its way of of telling me its not done with me and it was never my choice to make. The long hibernation was a period which I exited music completely - not touching an instrument or even listening to music since i wasn't able to pursue it. A clean break to carve a ”legitimate adult life.” But over time, that had a adverse effect on me personally, and changed me into a different person. You could say I lost my identity. Music has always been a big part of me. My dream was to be film composer. Flash forward 8 years, encumbered with frigidity of daily rudiments and personal trials, I needed an altered course. Perhaps, I hit that trigger point. Felt that something again. The familiar friend I had once forsaken. The reunion began with an ailing attempt to revisit the piano, which soon progressed to composing modest tunes. Eventually aptitude, muscle memory colluded, perhaps preternatural forces intervened and rather organically, the vessel was back in the seven seas.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

In many ways, I’m desperately trying to make up for all the lost time by making good with what I can do now. I try to do a little bit of something everyday, be it composing, recording, playing or just listening with whatever time i can muster; trying to evolve as much as i consciously can.

We are fortunate to be present in a generation where anyone can record and release tunes with decent production and at a very manageable cost. It’s easier to get your music out now these days and that serves a great motivator.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I have a electronic album coming out in July. Full of hooks, layered instrumentations and syncopated melodies. I’m currently writing a hiphop/rap ep and concurrently working on a contemporary instrumental album which I plan to release by year-end. And I will be releasing new music regularly - mixing and releasing a catalog of already recorded tracks as i go along. Every track distinguishes itself with its own personality.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

That's a never-ending list.

I’ve had innumerable musical expeditions and various artists have markedly influenced me at different instances. From U2 to the intricacies of progressive music bands in my formative years to A Perfect Circle, the whole alternative/grunge roster, post rock and showgaze acts, a slew of Japanese bands, Pink Floyd, Wet Wet Wet, Biffy Clyro, ELO, The Cure, David Bowie’s Reality album, Counting Crows, NIN’s industrial dread, Sarah Mclachlan, Mew, Mogwai, Bjork, The King of Pop himself, Jamiroquai, Chic, Daft Punk, Natalie Merchant, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Boys II Men, Joe Hisaishi, Hans Zimmer obviously, James Horner, Abel Korzeniowski, Jan Kaczmarek, Angelo Badalamenti, Thomas Newman, Robert Glasper, host of ol’ Mowtown cats, Dave Grusin, Chet Baker, Bill Evans, Dexter Gordon (to name a “few”). It’s impossible to mention one and omit another. (i really tried to narrow it down! ) I listen to anything and everything, I mean you have to if u want to evolve or forge an identity. Otherwise, your bound to miss out on something. 

So I can’t distinctly say that a select few artists have significantly influenced me more than the other, especially when i’m writing music. Maybe, thats why I feel comfortable in a variety of styles.  Every now and then, during the playback process i’ll go, “Oh, that’s where I got it from!”, it's a nice welcome surprise - nostalgia, if you will. These days, I generally gravitate towards sounds which are lyrical, has a good groove and understands the unity of simple melody and harmony. Music which flows and communicates - a gratifying tete a tete-a-tete.


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