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Experience Club Drive's Playful Approach With Their Recent Single, "You & I"

From Hertfordshire, England, the pop band and trio Club Drive takes on a playful and exhilarating experience with their latest single, "You & I."

Always delivering a sound that's refreshing and contemporary, Club Drive had the idea to release their debut album 'All That We Were' as a farewell album as well, but the industry had another plan in mind for the boys. After selling out headlined shows and garnering national/international radio airplay, it's safe to say that Club Drive is here to stay.

Through their recent single, "You & I," off of the album, 'All That We Were,' Club Drive channels the sounds and charisma of Pop bands of the past who serenade their audiences with boundless energy and passion. While the lead vocalist takes on a romantic message of working through the hardships with someone worth it, Club Drive pushes an incredibly vibrant and uplifting atmosphere throughout the entire piece.

"You & I" opens with shimmering keyboard melodies, plucky electric guitars, a groovy bassline, and upbeat drum patterns. As the lead vocalist begins singing their heartfelt message of taking their time with someone's love and trying to make it work, Club Drive lifts us into an exhilarating atmosphere through their brilliant pop arrangements and catchy hooks.

We can't help but feel a heavy resemblance to the Jonas Brothers on this single, as Club Drive offers a powerfully uplifting and charismatic performance through their shimmering instrumentals and playful personas. Reaching the end of this piece, Club Drive keeps us wanting more of their warm embrace of a sound, which we can find throughout their debut album, 'All That We Were.'

Introduce yourself to the exciting pop trio Club Drive and their debut album 'All That We Were,' featuring the upbeat ballad "You & I." Now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the uplifting pop approach you've delivered through your latest single, "You & I." What inspired the romantic and playful lyrical message within this piece?

This song actually has a number of meanings really. It’s written with a focus on love (of course) and that feeling of real appreciation for what you have. But at the same time that doesn’t have to be about a person necessarily, it’s, however, the listener interprets it and what’s important to them. With everything going on in the world at the minute, the song probably means even more now than when we wrote it. For us, it’s about realizing what you have and cherishing it. Who handled the songwriting aspect of your single "You & I"? What did you want your audience to feel after listening to your lyricism?

The songwriting process has always been a joint effort from the 3 of us, we all have our ideas & visions for how we want a track to sound, and somehow (probably fortunately) we always all end up at a similar place where we see it going. In terms of how we wanted people to feel, again that’s honestly down to interpretation but we always look to write feel-good music.. so as long as people are enjoying themselves and it lifts the mood a bit, then we’re happy!

Could you break down your creative process for the instrumentals within "You & I"? How does your trio divide the process amongst your members?

So usually an initial idea (a chord progression, a particular sound or rhythm) will be created by Tommy (Guitarist) he’ll share this with Christian & Me and we both take it away to build our bits around this. Tommy & Christian have a real flair for songwriting and the instrumentation - production and music has always been their thing, whereas I’ve always been more focused on the words (melody and lyrics) than we all spend time together crafting it all - making tweaks and changes, adding in random sounds or slightly different instruments and bits here and there.. but the short answer is it’s always a joint process. How does your single "You & I" tie into your debut album 'All That We Were'? Is there a running theme throughout the entire project?

The album is a big moment for us. We’ve been a band for a long time, we’ve gone through name changes, lineup changes, and a whole lot of team (industry) changes over the years. This album consists of songs written throughout that journey from start to finish and in part, I guess it reflects our story and how we felt/where we were at when writing each of the songs. Above all else, though it’s about putting out the music that we’ve loved creating & saying thank you.. to everyone involved in the project but more so to everyone that’s supported us along the way. So this single ties in with the more upbeat and positive overall attitude of the album, feel-good songs that we loved writing, and that we loved playing live (when live music was a thing,) we hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed performing it. What can we expect to see throughout the year from Club Drive?

The truth is, this was always meant to be an end to the many chapters of Club Drive. A final thank you and farewell of sorts.. but we’ve been so overwhelmed by the reaction to the album, the incredible support at radio around the world, and the amazing messages & feedback from people.. it always leaves you thinking that perhaps the door is never completely closed. So I guess we’d leave that by saying, whilst the world is the way it is - it’s clear we’d have no plans to tour or play live again.. but if the next couple of singles do anywhere near what ‘You & I’ is beginning to and people still enjoy the music we make, then we’ll always keep an open mind.

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